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GPRS and BluetoothTM: perfect partners

By 3Com Corporation

The BluetoothTM technology market is growing rapidly, and it’s important to understand the benefits of proactively promoting Bluetooth, so you can best meet your customers’ needs. If you’re unfamiliar with Bluetooth technology, it is a simple wireless technology designed for transferring voice and data over short distances. Bluetooth enables devices to wirelessly HotSync, transfer files, print, and connect to the Internet without the hassles of cables. Bluetooth operates in the 2.4 Ghz frequency and its’ low power consumption make it an attractive solution for mobile phones, PDAs and Notebook PCs. According to In-Stat/MDR, Bluetooth chipsets are expected to surge from 10.4 million units in 2001 to 690 million units in 2006. This is a five-year 132 percent compound annual growth rate, with silicon revenue rising to $2.7 billion in 2006. Production of Bluetooth enabled equipment is expected to climb to 644 million units over the same period, with mobile phones leading all applications. Bluetooth wireless technology can offer great potential for proliferation, especially in mobile phones, and offers attractive benefits to you and your customers.

Customers Want Easy Access to the Internet
More of your customers are using mobile phones for accessing and transmitting data. They want an easy and flexible solution to connect their phones to PCs, PDAs, and headset devices. Bluetooth technology provides the ease of use and flexibility to make this possible. Without any cables, a customer can connect their mobile phone to their PC, PDA, and headset device. Bluetooth wireless technology operates up to 10 meters, and unlike Infrared (IR) technology, it doesn’t require line-of-site connections. This means a Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth enabled notebook can communicate with a Bluetooth phone inside a briefcase. Getting connected to the Internet and corporate networks is a top priority for business travelers. With a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, users can connect virtually anytime, anywhere without having to deal with special modems and cables. In the past, slow transmission rates have limited the growth of wireless data usage. Today, service providers are rapidly upgrading wireless GSM infrastructures to GPRS - the new high data rate services that provides throughput comparable to ISDN. The ease of Bluetooth technology coupled with high-speed GPRS service enables the killer applications that mobile customers want and use.

Here’s how one reporter describes using Bluetooth wireless technology in real life: "Once I upgraded my cellphone plan to include Internet access, my Mac laptop, PC laptop, and Palm were all able to navigate the web through a tiny Sony Ericsson T68 cellphone that never budged from my pocket - Business travelers can look forward to abandoning special wireless modems, separate phone and laptop access bills, and $4-a-minute hotel-room phone charges."
New York Times, May 16, 2002

Increased Revenue
Many GSM/GPRS providers, like you, have already made major investments in 3G (UMTS), a technology that that may not be widely available until at least 2004. By promoting Bluetooth with GPRS, you can see return on your investments today with increased use of service minutes. Customers, especially business travelers, want easy Internet access without the access point hassles and security concerns of 802.11b, and Bluetooth is the way to provide it. With Bluetooth and GPRS, your customers can get wired-like Internet access virtually anywhere GPRS service is available - in an airport, in a car, or on a train. With Bluetooth, your customers get easy access to the Internet almost anytime and anywhere at reasonable prices, and you see increased revenue.
3Com® Bluetooth Solutions

To be accepted, Bluetooth must be easy for customers to learn and understand. 3Com makes this possible with 3Com Bluetooth Connection Manager software, a very straightforward interface that allows the user to search for and manage other Bluetooth devices. This innovative, simple approach to managing Bluetooth devices results in satisfied customers and a low number of tech support calls.
For the mobile operator market we have taken this a step further and have put together a phone management and synchronization software package that enables the user to maximize the functionality of their Bluetooth enabled GPRS mobile phone.

Key features of the 3Com® Bluetooth Mobile Phone Solution:

  • One click GPRS setup and connection
  • SMS text messaging sending and receiving
  • One click Contact and Date book synchronization
  • Users can easily browse the Internet from their PC via their Bluetooth enabled GPRS mobile phone

    Easy Dial Up Networking
    Another significant benefit of using 3Com solutions is that the dial up networking (DUN) process over a Bluetooth mobile phone is exactly the same as when using a wired telephone line. Competitors’ Bluetooth solutions often require a different DUN procedure on a mobile phone than on a wired line. 3Com’s wireless Bluetooth solutions let customers connect the same way they would on a wired line, making the connection process more intuitive and reducing customer frustration and support calls.

    Standardizing on 3Com products can result in better service to your customers. Your company can actively anticipate and solve service problems rather than fielding questions on products from multiple vendors. As mobile phone customers gain greater awareness of easy-to-use Bluetooth wireless technology, they are likely to buy Bluetooth PC Cards. And, it’s inevitable that some customers will call your customer support centers with compatibility issues between their mobile phones and other Bluetooth devices. Promoting Bluetooth solutions from the same vendor helps minimize the number of callers with technical questions on unknown Bluetooth entities, increasing your ability to provide helpful customer support.

    Increased Mobile Operator Revenue:
    How do you convert the potential of Bluetooth wireless technology into tangible benefits for you and your customers? Choose a partner who offers complete solutions that work well with your GPRS and Bluetooth enabled phones.

    Proven Products With 3Com, your customers get proven products and exceptional value from a leader in the networking industry. 3Com offers innovative Bluetooth products in both PC Card and USB form factors that contain easy-to-use 3Com Bluetooth Connection Manager software. The Bluetooth market is relatively young, but 3Com has already defined itself as an innovator and leader in this growing market, winning numerous press accolades for products with smart form factors and easy-to-use software.

    First Class Award: "3Com’s [PC] Card was the only one to clear all four of our compatibility hurdles." Mobile Computing, July 2002

    CNET Rating 7 out of 10: "The 3Com PC Card adapter provides a well designed and easy-to-use solution. With the antenna retracted, the device sits flush with the edge of your notebook’s Type II PC Card slot, making it easy to transport." CNET, December 2001

    3Com’s Bluetooth PC Card scores 8 out of 10: "The arrival of 3Com’s Bluetooth PC card not only proves that wireless networking works (mostly), but that this long-overdue technology is cheap enough for pro and home-users alike." PC Plus, UK, January 2002

    "Bluetooth can connect to mobile phones using radio waves and 3Com makes it easy to add any notebook - even under Windows XP." Computer Buyer, UK, January 2002

    "The 3Com adapter deserves some sort of prize for industrial engineering. If Apple were designing wireless USB adapters, they’d look like this. 3Com also offers a Bluetooth PC Card that uses the company’s XJACK antenna technology, which allows the spring-loaded antenna to be hidden inside the card when not in use. I wish other wireless companies put as much thought into such useful design features as 3Com does." AnchorDesk, May 29, 2002

    "A well-designed 3Com utility called Bluetooth Connection Manager automatically configured each system. All I had to do was choose among security options, enter my passwords, and slide out and flip up the antennas in each card, and then, less than 20 minutes after I started the installation, I was passing files back and forth between the two machines." San Francisco Chronicle, June 2001

    Additional Key Features

    • 128-bit encryption, user authentication, and three-level user defined screening for more secure connections
    • XJACK® Antenna (PC Card only) that extends for clear reception and retracts so nothing can get lost or broken in transit
    • Drag-and-drop file sharing for easy information sharing enhances collaboration and productivity

    Sales Opportunities
    Call your local 3Com sales representative today to discuss how your company can offer attractive Bluetooth sales opportunities such as:

    Product bundling
    Buy a GPRS Bluetooth enabled mobile phone and receive a discount on a 3Com Wireless Bluetooth PC Card or USB adapter

    Service bundling
    Buy a service for a year and receive a discount on a 3Com Wireless Bluetooth PC Card or USB adapter

    Joint marketing
    Promotional support for 3Com Bluetooth products in your product literature, online and in print.

    Wireless communication is the future. 3Com is using its expertise in wireless networking and mobile computing to provide reliable wireless Bluetooth solutions that are easy to use and manage. As people continue to discover the freedom and productivity benefits that Bluetooth provides, connecting without wires will become much more common at work, at home, and in public areas. In other words, the future of Bluetooth communication looks very bright.
    For more information or to partner 3com go to:

    Copyright © 2003 3Com Corporation. All rights reserved. 3Com, the 3Com logo, and XJACK are registered trademarks of 3Com Corporation. The Bluetooth trademark is owned by its proprietors and used by 3Com Corporation under license. All other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective companies. While every effort is made to ensure the information given is accurate, 3Com does not accept liability for any errors or mistakes that may arise. Specifications subject to change without notice.

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