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Citrix delivers the best workforce mobility solution today

By Angela Wright, Sr.Marketing Manager, Workforce Mobility, Citrix Systems, Inc.

The business world is on the move. Conducting business away from the office, whether at home, at a customer site or in a hotel room, is becoming more and more commonplace. Mobile workers need secure, fast, continuous access to business applications and data – the same information that is available back at the office – in order to achieve optimal productivity and responsiveness to customers. And for mobility to reach its full potential, access to applications and information must break free from wire line connections.

Wireless technology can make information and business applications accessible anywhere and any time. And it can make a company’s existing IT investment more valuable because it enhances and extends the functionality of wired networks. According to the Gartner Group, enterprises that fail to support their mobile workers’ needs could realize a 20% loss in productivity. Conversely, they also estimate that wireless technology can increase business productivity by as much as 30%.

Let’s take a look at some examples. AOT is a prominent international market maker dealing in derivatives, including options and futures and the largest independent operator on the Amsterdam Options Exchange (AEX). When AEX introduced a new electronic trading system and wireless network that gave independent trading organizations a direct electronic connection to the exchange, AOT decided to take full advantage of the new system. By providing its users on the trading floor with mobile access to the new system, as well as to custom trading applications, via handheld, wireless devices, AOT gained ‘click to shoot trading’ – the ability to make a trade or gain market information at the click of a button. As a result, the company has seen a 300% improvement in the speed of trading.

Wireless technology can also help public sector organizations to meet their service goals, as is the case for Merseyside Police department. The Merseyside Police department uses wireless technology to give officers, based in a portable police station, secure wireless access to a central criminal information database. This allows them to carry out background checks and process arrests in the area in which crimes are committed, reducing administration and making it easier for the police force to implement the British government’s directives on crimes.

Wireless LAN Hotspots
Through 2005, use of wireless technologies and services will grow roughly 50% each year on a worldwide basis. Today, more than 80% of all businesses, educational institutions, manufacturing facilities, finance institutions, and healthcare facilities utilize wireless capabilities to some degree (Gartner, 2002).

Increasingly, wireless LAN hotspots are becoming a popular option for business users. The same issues of security and eavesdropping apply to these hotspots to a greater degree due to their “lowest common denominator” approach to security implementation. Since wireless technologies – by their very nature – broadcast in all directions and, as such, come with inherent security risks, attackers might conceivably intercept data being sent to authorized users or hackers could anonymously act as participants in the corporate wireless network. These security issues are solved with the Citrix® MetaFrame® Access Suite. The intrinsic security of the MetaFrame Access Suite delivers a solid infrastructure for enhancing network, device and individual security for your data and your mobile workforce.

The Citrix MetaFrame Access Suite
The Citrix MetaFrame Access Suite, which includes Citrix MetaFrame XPIM Presentation Server and Citrix MetaFrame Secure Access Manager, is an effective workforce mobility solution that allows mobile users access to rich, full applications and data, in its original, familiar format; not skimmed or with limited functionality wireless variants. There is no need for costly and time-consuming application re-writes, mobile middleware or infrastructure upgrades. Just select an access network and go wireless. So whether you’re tracking a customer order in your ERP system, retrieving and sending an e-mail, accessing records, or just browsing the Internet for information, the MetaFrame Access Suite for workforce mobility is the solution for you.

Security Provisioning Has Never Been Easier
Citrix provides a multi-layered security plan to compensate for the holes in wireless security protocols. The centralized access infrastructure upon which all Citrix products are based provides secure access to applications regardless of how the user connects.

  • Keep Data Safely on the Corporate Network
The MetaFrame Presentation Server uses a presentation services protocol that separates the application’s logic from its user interface so that the applications execute 100% on the server and only screen refreshes, mouse clicks and keystrokes are transmitted between the server and the client. As a result, if data were intercepted during a session, it would be of little or no value to the intruder.
  • Data Encryption is a Standard Feature
Built-in encryption on both the client and server adds an extra layer of protection against hacking. With MetaFrame XP Presentation Servers’ secure gateway feature, all applications traversing the Internet are protected using SSL/TLS security standards, and up to 3DES encryption. The secure gateway feature eliminates the need to install additional client software and can easily traverse Internet firewalls. It is completely transparent to both applications and network devices. MetaFrame Secure Access Manager also provides a high degree of security for applications and information by leveraging Windows NT and Active Directory authentication protocols, adding role-based security features that ensure users gain access only to the information and applications they are authorized to access. Secure Access Manager sits behind the firewall and integrates with the MetaFrame XP Presentation Server secure gateway feature and third-party virtual private networking (VPN) products to ensure that corporate information is kept private.

Employees View only Relevant Data for Healthier Productivity
The MetaFrame Access Suite offers a comprehensive set of features that can securely deliver the right information and applications to the right people at the right time, regardless of their location, device, or network connection. The MetaFrame Secure Access Manager provides mobile users with access to role-based information via their own personalized, customizable Web-based interface, eliminating hours wasted navigating the complex maze of corporate intranets, directories, and database interfaces that weakens a user’s productivity. Combined with MetaFrame XP Presentation Server, Web access is extended to virtually all Windows, UNIX and Web applications, corporate databases and even the client’s own productivity applications such as Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes.

No Customization Required
Most customized, wireless user interfaces (UIs) require months of design and development work and can be very costly to implement. MetaFrame Secure Access Manager streamlines implementation so that customers can easily aggregate applications and content using a single browser interface. Administrators can get up and running quickly with an installation wizard and numerous pre-configured elements. Then they can define roles, assign users to roles, aggregate content and associate roles to content without any complex programming or long-term consulting required.

Manage all Users on the Same Network
Management and administration is also simplified with Secure Access Manager’s Management Console, which is based on the Microsoft Management Console and lets you manage all resources and configurations, and add content modules, servers, and users from a central location.

Bring Disparate Information Sources Together
MetaFrame Secure Access Manager lets you aggregate a wide range of content, including that of multiple internal Web sites, external and syndicated content, and disparate databases. Administrators can extend that aggregation with Citrix’s own Content Delivery Agents (CDAs) as well as third-party agents such as WebParts and Web Forms, which can plug news and information feeds, collaboration tools, and numerous other useful elements into the UI.

The Best Choice for a Workforce Mobility Solution
Most wireless solutions force users, IT professionals and organizations to compromise, because they simply do not provide sufficient functionality, flexibility, security or performance. Or they cost too much to justify from an ROI standpoint. The MetaFrame Access Suite is a complete access infrastructure that delivers a no-compromise mobile experience to the same full-function applications that wired users enjoy from their desktop PCs. Citrix is a natural choice for business organizations that rely on the efficiency and productivity of today’s mobile workforce.

With the Citrix MetaFrame Access Suite, you can:

  • Implement a mobile access infrastructure solution in days, not weeks or years
  • Provide your mobile workforce with real-time remote access to business-critical applications and data
  • Utilize virtually any device for a more flexible solution
  • Peace of mind security for sensitive data with SSL/TLS support
Citrix Solutions for Workforce Mobility
Designed to provide high-performance access to full-function applications - even over bandwidth as low as 9.6 Kbps
Provides multi-layered wireless security, including SSL/TLS support for strong encryption and token support for strong authentication
Ease of Management
Manage all your employees and field professionals on the same network
Client Support
Any device running the MetaFrame client and a connection to a Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server Supported Wireless DevicesWindows XP/95/98/ME/2000 based laptops, Windows XP TabletPC devices, PocketPC 2000, 2002 PDAs and all Pocket PC phone edition PDAs, Nokia 9210/9290 Pocket Communicator, Macintosh iBook & PowerBook portables, Linux laptops, and Psion 5 series/Netbook and all other Win32 devices.

For more information, please contact:
Angela Wright: angela.wright@citrix.com

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