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The telecommunications bridge between East and West : The case of Cyprus

By CytaGlobal

Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, otherwise known as CYTA, is a public utility organisation established by Law to provide national and international telecommunications in the Republic of Cyprus, a 9.250 square kilometre island in the Eastern Mediterranean with approximately 700.000 inhabitants. CYTA has achieved a market penetration both in fixed and mobile telephony, higher than in many European countries.

CYTA, currently employing 2500 people, is the first Cypriot organisation to become a member of the EFQM.

The organisation has developed a state-of-the-art infrastructure. Its advanced Switching and Transmission Systems, safeguarded by its Network Management and Support Systems, enable CYTA to offer superb national, regional and global connectivity.

CYTA provides a variety of advanced telecommunications products and services, covering fixed and mobile voice and data communications, value added services, such as various Internet-based multimedia services, and a lot more.

Aiming for a strong presence in the international telecommunications arena and for promoting its international products and services more effectively, CYTA has recently adopted the name CYTAGlobal for its international activities.

Taking advantage of the islandís geographical position, CYTAGlobal has developed an extensive submarine fibre optic cable network, which connects Cyprus with the neighbouring countries of Greece, Italy, Israel, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt and thereafter with the rest of the world, as well as an equally impressive satellite network infrastructure. Through its global network, CYTAGlobal provides a wide range of international telecommunications products, services and total solutions, making Cyprus the most important telecommunications hub in the Eastern Mediterranean and an excellent international electronic communications center.

CYTAnet, CYTA's own ISP, with 180 Mbps international connectivity, is the leading ISP in the local market, also providing in co-operation with CYTAGlobal, Internet connectivity to foreign ISPs in nearby countries.

CYTA's vision is to establish itself as the most important regional telecommunications and information technology hub in the Eastern Mediterranean. This is achieved by the enhancement of its telecommunications infrastructure globally, by its participation in regional and international telecommunications projects and by introducing competitive and flexible global telecommunication solutions.

Setting-up Points of Presence and wholly owned subsidiaries worldwide will soon support CYTA, in its efforts to globalise.

Cyprus has always been a centre for international business due to its strategic location. With Cyprus being one of the ten countries recently gaining their accession in the EU, the telecommunications market in Cyprus is expected to be fully liberalised within 2003. CYTA is well equipped not only to meet the new challenges, but also to realise its vision to become the electronic communications bridge between East and West and to maintain its international reputation as a reliable and advanced telecommunications global provider.

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