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Bringing people and businesses together around the globe, around the clock

By Teleglobe

From Paris to New York, from Cairo to Buenos Aires, telecommunications carriers from around the world are helping their customers reach the world via Teleglobe's network. Around the clock, Teleglobe ensures that millions of people can communicate effectively with one another, regardless of national or physical boundaries.

From its roots as Canada’s overseas telecommunications carrier, Teleglobe has evolved into a true global carrier, building on its historic bilateral relationships with 215 carriers around the world and its pioneering role in the development of international telecommunications. As an active participant in the deployment of international telecommunications systems, from the early transatlantic cable systems and the world’s first international commercial communications satellite systems to recent leading edge fiber optic transatlantic cable systems, Teleglobe has developed a unique expertise in international telecommunications.

In the early 1990s the Company made the decision to leverage its expertise and expand globally, extending its reach by adding capacity and establishing international gateways and points of presence. Teleglobe’s network is still recognized as one of the world’s largest global networks, and provides global reach to over 240 countries and territories through 275 direct relationships. The addition of a sophisticated routing platform has made Teleglobe increasingly efficient and allowed the company to capture a significant portion of the world's international traffic. Traffic growth on Teleglobe’s network has been phenomenal, increasing from one billion minutes in 1991 to almost 10 billion.

Today, Teleglobe is the carrier of choice to some of the most demanding carriers on the planet, providing cost effective, reliable solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of their business and residential customers at competitive prices and high quality of service. As the telecommunications industry continues to evolve rapidly and radically, Teleglobe is supporting over 1200 wholesale customers, carriers, PTTs, resellers and mobile operators in meeting the growing competitive pressures in their home market or in expanding globally. Teleglobe has been helping its customers keep up with the growing demand for quality international telecommunications services by offering a larger portfolio of services, more destinations and lower prices.

The Industry Specialist.
Teleglobe is the international telecommunications specialist with over 50 years of industry expertise and an enviable track record of innovation. It is uniquely positioned as a global carrier’s carrier. As such, Teleglobe does not compete in local markets for its customers’ customers. Instead, Teleglobe is focused on enabling carriers in offering innovative and reliable international services to their customers at competitive prices.

As one of the top 5 global carriers for voice traffic and as one of the top three carriers for international hubbing, Teleglobe benefits from a strong purchasing power, resulting in cost effective global transmission of the highest quality.

Teleglobe’s rapid implementation and provisioning, allow its customers to introduce new services quickly and effectively, improving their time to market significantly.

An Instant Global Network
Teleglobe’s voice services provide local and regional carriers, resellers and global operators with the ability to seamlessly extend their network by making Teleglobe’s network their own, gaining instant reliable global connectivity economically.

Teleglobe offers a broad and diversified portfolio of voice services designed to help telecommunications providers generate new revenue streams and expand to more countries cost-effectively. Teleglobe voice services include virtual transit, toll free, inbound collect, Paid-800, ISDN, International Switched Transit, VTS Premium and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications.

Teleglobe’s solutions can be implemented quickly and are tailored to fulfill the unique needs of each customer: from simple connectivity to turnkey solutions including billing and operator services. They are fully scalable accommodating traffic growth, extended reach and additional services.

Teleglobe’s services are supported by its Global Customer Service Center and its Global Network Management Center responsible for network monitoring and fault resolution, to an uninterrupted flow of traffic and ensure customer satisfaction with network performance and products. Both centers operate on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis.

Services That Generate Revenues
By using Teleglobe virtual transit services (VTS) carrier customers are able to expand their network’s reach instantly to every country in the world. Teleglobe’s VTS allows telecommunications provider to benefit from Teleglobe historic bilateral relationships and status as a Tier 1 international carrier without establishing their own bilateral agreements. It is a quick and cost effective service that allows local telephone companies, interexchange carriers and global carriers to expand to more countries or add diversity by providing an “instant voice network” without investments in network facilities or needing to deliver reciprocal traffic.

Teleglobe’s inbound collect service can generate revenue quickly by obtaining an immediate share of the lucrative US collect calling market. Teleglobe offers collect calling to the United States from over 150 countries at very competitive rates to end users. Already more than 15 world class carriers are using Teleglobe’s turnkey solution, generating revenues without significant investments in networks or operators services.

In addition to providing operator services in 70 languages and dialects, Teleglobe’s Inbound collect services include access number, network connectivity, transport and termination as well as billing services. After comparing the cost of developing an inbound collect service in-house, taking into account the need to provide operator services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, many carriers chose instead to go with Teleglobe allowing them to focus their attention on marketing and revenue generation.

Teleglobe’s international toll free services (ITFS) provide a competitive edge to carriers by making global marketing cost effective and simple. By providing value added solutions to their business customers to expand globally, improve customer relationships and increase customer loyalty, carriers can expand their own customer base. With Teleglobe’s toll free services, callers can easily connect free of charge from practically anywhere in the world.

From simple International toll free service to end-to-end solutions, Telelgobe’s portfolio of toll free services opens up a world of opportunity. ITFS is a fully automated, caller-dialed service option providing world-wide toll-free access for calling card, call center platforms and business support applications. Teleglobe’s ITFS with Service Access Codes can be implemented in a matter of days and provide the added benefit of operator support to ensure call completion when the caller is not using a touch tone phone or has not entered the SAC code within a specified period of time.

Teleglobe can also provide a single international toll free number that can be used to receive calls from participating countries. Teleglobe’s Universal International Free Phone Number (UIFN), also known as “Global or Universal 800” remains the same throughout the world, regardless of the country or the telecommunications carrier.

Teleglobe understands that in today’s global environment, customer relationships are key to successfully growing a business. That is why Teleglobe is committed to providing toll free services of the highest quality and routes all ITFS traffic via its bilateral facilities, connecting the international switches of international carriers to its own.

Superior Global Reach
Teleglobe’s services are offered via one of the most extensive intercontinental networks in the world, and ranking among the top five networks in terms of reachability. Teleglobe’s global network extends its customers own network by providing call termination capabilities to over 240 countries and territories.

Teleglobe maintains 275 direct links and 215 bilateral relationships as well as ownership in over 100 submarine and terrestrial fiber systems. Teleglobe is one of the largest providers of satellite capacity. Teleglobe’s state-of-the-art network is supported by eight international gateways and 38 international voice access Points of Presence in key locations around the world and is consistently ranked among the most robust and reliable.

Financial Stability
Teleglobe underwent a significant and successful restructuring in 2002, to focus on its core services and build on its recognized know-how and expertise. With reduced operating costs, a clean balance and a sound business plan, Teleglobe is in strong financial position, ensuring quality and continuity of services to its customers.

Teleglobe has the strong financial backing of new owners since it entered into a purchase agreement with Cerberus Capital management L.P. and TenX Capital Partners LLC in September 2002. The two strategic financial investors are fully supportive of Teleglobe and have over US$8 billion under management. In June 2003, Cerberus and TenX closed their transaction with Teleglobe and became Teleglobe’s new legal owners.

For more information, please contact:
Nada Kayal: nada.kayal@teleglobe.ca

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