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Telekom Austria's international wholesale business; connecting east and west

By Josef Trimmel, Head of Wholesale, Telekom Austria

Telekom Austria's wholesale business is focused on marketing the company’s network and basic services to more than 100 Austrian and 250 international fixed line and mobile communications operators as well as Internet service providers. On the international level, the wholesale unit has established a position as a provider of high-quality bandwidth, IP, voice and data services. By virtue of its Jet2Web Stream Pan European Backbone Network, which provides the basis for offering comprehensive communications solutions beyond domestic borders, Telekom Austria is now also playing an important role as the telecommunications gateway to Central and Southeastern Europe.

This Backbone Network is a state -of-the-art, end-to-end managed, high speed, optical DWDM ring. In the initial expansion phase, completed in July 2001, Telekom Austria connected Vienna to Brno, Prague and Frankfurt, and Frankfurt back to Vienna via Munich and Salzburg. In the second quarter of 2002 Telekom Austria built a second fiber optic ring between Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. In 2003, the Jet2Web Stream will be expanded to include Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. The backbone ring has an operating capacity of 20 Gbit/s, which can be expanded to a total of 320 Gbit/s, according to demand.

What makes Telekom Austria's 100% digitized infrastructure of terrestrial, submarine and satellite transmission so remarkable is its high-quality network performance, innovation leadership, extensive geographic coverage and scale as well as reliability and fault tolerance. More than 28,000 direct circuits to over 80 countries and 100 carriers worldwide guarantee maximum reliability and efficiency. The company's ISDN transit service includes connections to over 60 destinations through the most modern signalling system C7 (TUP, ISUP). IP connectivity is also provided on a large international scale via the latest Cisco 12016 GSR router technology.

In satellite communications, Telekom Austria can rely on 30 years of experience and a current team of some 50 highly specialized experts. The company's satellite service portfolio ranges from product and application development to customer consultancy, as well as selection, procurement and installation of technical equipment. The product range covers both terrestrial data services and Internet access. Through close cooperation with international partners and satellite organizations such as Apstar and Panamsat, as well as INTELSAT and EUTELSAT, which Telekom Austria co-owns, the company is positioned to offer one-stop shop solutions tailored to the specific customer requirements. In the global mobile communication sector Telekom Austria has a cooperation agreement with INMARSAT, acting as their service provider.

Particularly suited for communications requirements in Southeastern Europe's emerging markets is Telekom Austria's DataLink satellite service, as it is able to optimally compensate for a lack of terrestrial infrastructure resources. DataLink is a full-duplex point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connection based on SCPC technology (Single Channel Per Carrier). This enables digital signals (data, voice, fax, video) to be transmitted between small earth stations installed directly on customers' premises (VSATs - Very Small Aperture Terminals) and a customer site in Austria, either via a Telekom Austria gateway earth station (Vienna-Arsenal, Aflenz, Innsbruck) or via a second VSAT.

In addition, international partnerships form an integral part of Telekom Austria's strategy which provides for cost efficiency by simultaneously reducing overcapacity and optimizing resources. Overcapacity and a highly competitive environment are still a challenge and accelerate the market consolidation and shake-out process already under way. In Southeastern Europe a number of major players such as British Telecom, Belgacom, Telecom Italia and Sprint are already relying on Telekom Austria's infrastructure resources for providing service. Furthermore, Austria’s geographic position and historical ‘bridging’ role between Eastern and Western Europe represents a strategic advantage thereby providing competitive edge for Telekom Austria.

Thanks to its excellent and long standing international partnerships and business relations, the truly global reach of its infrastructure and IP network connectivity, its state-of-the-art technology, engineering capability, customer focus and flexibility to adapt to the evolving market demands, Telekom Austria is establishing itself as the leading provider for Austrian companies with business operations in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Corporations such as IT-Austria, Ericsson and OSCE, to name just a few, already trust Telekom Austria's cross-border network infrastructure for connections to their international branches.

Owing to its membership in the worldwide OneStopShopping (OSS) Forum, Telekom Austria is also able to fulfil all of its customers’ commercial needs both in terms of ordering (Single-End-Ordering) and billing (Single-End-Billing).

Through the EU enlargement Southeastern Europe's emerging markets are increasingly becoming a focal point for international business and, as a result, Telekom Austria is strengthening its footprint in this region while gradually taking central stage as a reliable partner at the cross-roads of business interconnections between east and west.

For more information, please contact:
Martin Bredl: Martin.Bredl@Telekom.at

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