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Leading the way in satellite communications

By Xantic

With a background in international communications stretching back some 90 years, Xantic is recognised as one of the world’s leading satellite communication providers. Products and services are developed both for overall use and for specific market segments. Each and every solution is precisely targeted to meet everyday requirements.

Xantic draws on an enormous range of expertise, having been created from a merger between four organisations that were renowned in their respective fields: Station 12, SpecTec, Telstra Global Satellite and KPN Broadcast. This powerful combination allowed Xantic to become the first company to offer solutions for mobile satcom, ICT and VSAT broadband communications solutions.

With 29 offices and agents spread across the globe, Xantic is uniquely positioned to provide satcom services for voice, fax and (high-speed) data for mobile communications solutions via the Inmarsat platform. VSAT-oriented business networks and Internet access solutions based on the Intelsat and Eutelsat platforms are also part of the company’s portfolio.

Xantic is also the world’s premier supplier of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, designed to improve efficiency for mobile communications from remote locations without the proper infrastructure to the head office or to other locations.

In today’s highly competitive environment, Xantic has been especially adept at focusing on the areas of most importance to its (potential) customers. The company’s value-added tools and services, customised to Fixed-to-Mobile, Mobile-to-Fixed or Mobile-to-Mobile communication via satellite, are designed to be cost- and time-effective in equal measure.

Services and Solutions
Xantic operates three Land Earth Stations – two in The Netherlands (Burum, Hilversum) and one in Australia (Perth). It provides satcom services to a wide range of commercial, governmental and non-governmental organisations. These services cover the entire Inmarsat portfolio for land and maritime communications: Inmarsat-A, -B, B-HSD -C, -M, mini-M, GAN (Global Area Network), the recently launched Regional BGAN, Fleet 33, Fleet 55 and Fleet 77.

Data speeds of up to 64 Kbps have opened up a host of options for Internet browsing, video conferencing and other high-speed data applications. Meanwhile, the 66 satellites of the Iridium network are extensively used in the voice market, and the quality of this service has significantly increased.

Regional BGAN
The latest development for data communication is Regional BGAN, a reliable, high-speed data solution, which delivers the freedom and flexibility to access business information as and when it is needed. A lightweight, notebook-sized terminal provides a portable data service via satellite with applications across all market sectors. Users simply connect the terminal to their PC or PDA, point the antenna in the direction of the satellite and then its business as usual.

Regardless of where you are within the coverage area – from a hotel room in Eastern Europe to a remote rural area in North Africa – Regional BGAN means you can connect to the internet, access your corporate LAN, or exchange information with offices around the globe… Just as if you were sitting in a conventional commercial office. Suitable for use in developed urban environments as well as in rural areas, Regional BGAN is available on a regional basis across extensive areas of Europe, North, West and Central Africa, the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent.

The system is compatible with the latest cellular GPRS systems. It operates at much higher data speeds of up to 144kbit/s, however, by taking advantage of the satellite’s more efficient mobile packet data system. Innovative Bluetooth technology allows wire-free connectivity between a range of peripherals and the Regional BGAN satellite IP modem.

AMOS Connect
Satellite services apart, Xantic also offers applications that allow end users to work more efficiently and cost-effectively. The sophisticated email programme AMOS Connect is a good example, providing for the integration of email, fax, telex, interoffice communication and travelling personnel in a single messaging system. Due to its unique communication protocol, AMOS Connect provides cost savings of up to 85%.

AMOS Connect is designed for use with Inmarsat-A, -B, -B-HSD, -M and mini-M, Inmarsat Fleet, GAN, Regional BGAN and MPDS. It can also be used with Iridium, GSM, ISDN, PSTN and Internet when these are accessible. Whatever the service, Xantic manages the AMOS Connect service from end to end, freeing users from the administrative burden of managing mobile to fixed data communication.

AMOS Connect can be integrated with many other software systems; enabling automatic data transfer between the office and mobile location. The key applications of AMOS Connect are ‘to mobile messaging’, where messages can be sent to an AMOS Connect user via Internet, and ‘from mobile messaging’, where the mobile user can send messages to all Internet, fax and telex destinations. The fully redundant system is designed to optimise the use of satcom, offering automatic message and file compression, full duplex data transmission and connection break recovery.

AMOS Connect offers a range of flexible options designed to ensure the security of the service. These include the possibility to Blacklist or Whitelist message senders and to limit the size of messages received in order to prevent unwanted Internet messages. SMTP Tunnelling allows for a secure and reliable connection between office network and ships.

Unrivalled support and expertise
Whether benefiting from satcom services or software solutions, Xantic’s clients are assured of premium support and service thanks to the company’s global network of offices and a 24/7 Customer Services department. By offering high-level ICT and CAT (Content, Applications and Transactions) oriented solutions to all that work in a B2B environment, Xantic is meeting its goal of improving the way its customers conduct their business.

For more information, please contact:
Xantic Corporate Communications: Service@xantic.net

For more information about Xantic services:
E-mail: corp.comms@xantic.net

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