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International mobile messaging, Belgacom is ready

By Belgacom

Since its creation, Belgacom’s ‘Carrier & Wholesale’ division has been at forefront of the international communications industry, acting as catalyst for growth in terms of traffic and reach. The mission of the Carrier & Wholesale division continues to be to enable global interworking across communication standards. As the world of communication is turning mobile, Belgacom Carrier & Wholesale renews its commitment to the world of communication with a comprehensive value proposition for mobile operators: ‘Belgacom Global Mobile Village’.

Global Mobile Village is the brand name of a distinctive portfolio of carrier services tailored to the needs of mobile operators, encompassing voice, infrastructure, global connectivity and value-added services, all designed to provide real benefits in terms of increased quality from traditional services and fast international coverage for new data services, such as MMS and GPRS roaming.

With SMS Transit and MMS Transit, Mobile Operators can extend international messaging coverage to increase growth in international messaging while gaining competitive advantage in their own national markets. Belgacom messaging products are multilateral platforms, designed to perfectly coexist with mobile operators’ bilateral agreements, delivering seamless quality, while managing complexity and reducing time-to-market.

Belgacom First Class Mobile is an enhanced version of our well known First Class product which consists on terminating traffic destined for Mobile Networks on direct mobile interconnects or direct high quality bilateral routes with CLI guarantee. On the other side, the traffic destined for Fixed Line Networks is terminated on direct bilateral routes or quality Tier Suppliers with direct routes.

Belgacom Mobile-to-Mobile offers a virtual direct connection between mobile network operators across the worldwide Belgacom ‘Presence’ Network. The traffic destined for Mobile Networks is terminated on direct mobile interconnects with CLI OCN Guarantee. Belgacom acts primarily as a transit operator between Mobile Network Operators. The sending and receiving operators agree on the terms and conditions between themselves, and Belgacom delivers the traffic, charging a minimal transit fee to the sending party. Operators can draw up their agreements in commercial confidence; they have direct control over their costs, and enjoy extremely high quality of voice communications.

All First Class Mobile and Mobile-to-Mobile customers receive ongoing support from dedicated customer service teams, even after the successful interconnection.

Belgacom SMS Transit leverages IP and SS7 connectivity to extend coverage to GSM networks yet uncovered by international roaming agreements and to Non GSM networks, largely adopted in key wireless markets, such us USA. With 2-way messaging, number portability support, delivery receipt integrity and, last but not least, advanced filtering capabilities, Belgacom SMS Transit is a complete product to make international SMS a truly global user experience.

Belgacom MMS Transit is a flexible and versatile MM4 and MM5 compliant multilateral platform, interoperable with many MMSCs currently in the market. Belgacom MMS Transit supports several charging models, including event based, linear and more complex volume classes, to suit mobile operator’s retail tariffs and associated billing system. Belgacom MMS Transit supports mobile number portability and E.164 address resolution thanks to built-in MM5 interface (MAP SRI toward destination HLR). By connecting to Belgacom MMS Transit, Mobile operators gain immediate access to all connected mobile operators, without having to perform interconnect testing with each destination’s MMSC. Though GRX is the GSMA recommended infrastructure to carry MMS among mobile networks, Belgacom MMS Transit may connect customers via alternative solutions, such as secure IPSEC tunnel between mobile operator’ MTA and Belgacom MMS transit platform.

Belgacom SMS and MMS transit platforms are powerful aggregators for messaging across national boundaries and wireless technologies. Content providers and brand owners needs global numbers to boost interaction of wide spread audiences while avoiding the complexity of managing local short codes. Belgacom SMS and MMS Transit implement 2-way messaging between mobile users and mobile content providers with simple and once for all configuration at mobile operator’s SMSC and MMSC, leveraging unique international numbering ranges and standard settlement procedures for premium messages.

Belgacom GRX connects more GPRS networks that ever before. Its number of directly connected GPRS network has doubled in the latest months, so the number of peering agreements, bringing the total number of reachable GPRS networks to 120+. New Mobile Operators in Europe, Asia and Africa have chosen Belgacom GRX for its reliability, its competitive pricing as well as for its on-line performance monitoring tool with its unique AS2AS reporting features that allows mobile operators to monitor real time traffic patterns by roaming partner.

Belgacom STP / SCCP Transit enables high-quality Voice and SMS roaming to more than 400+ mobile networks worldwide, including ANSI IS41 networks. Customers benefit form dedicated project team for implementation, round the clock pro-active monitoring and highly skilled technical support backed by industry standard SLA. Several new pricing models are available to lower Mobile Operators cost of ownership with existing International SS7 providers.

Company profile
Belgacom Carrier & Wholesale is the carrier division of the Belgacom group. This year, Belgacom Carrier & Wholesale won the World Communication Award 2003 as ‘Best Wholesale Carrier’. It is a major global carrier, dedicated to serving the needs of fixed, mobile and service providers. Belgacom Carrier & Wholesale has the right credentials to be a trusted partner of mobile operators thanks to its unique financial stability, its potential for growth and its extended experience in transit business.

For more information:
Please contact: Joseph-Philippe Hogenhuis, joseph-philippe.hogenhuis@belgacom.be
Or visit: www.belgacom.com

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