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COMTREND: a company profile


COMTREND CORPORATION is a visionary company providing total solution services in the telecom and datacom fields. COMTREND designs, manufactures, and markets telecom and datacom equipment for both the CO and CPE side. COMTRENDís key products include: xDSL CPE, Wireless LAN, VoIP, IP DSLAM, VDSL Switch, WAN Access Router, CSU/DSU, Multiplexer, and Digital Cross-Connect System.

COMTREND is built around a team of professional engineers dedicated to developing quality products, as well as providing innovative solutions. Nearly half of COMTREND's employees are design and development engineers, and 15% of revenue is targeted for reinvestment in R&D. This has enabled COMTREND to build competitive strengths in R&D, and technical support services; and allows the company to continually add new product features, and incorporate new communication standards into its products. COMTREND is an ISO-9001 certified company.

COMTREND is an international company with global distribution. In addition to OEM manufacture, COMTREND markets its own brand through its offices in North America, Europe, China and Taiwan.

COMTREND was established in 1990. COMTRENDís founders have considerable experience in the telecom/datacom field, including working experience with Bell Labs, and a Lucent joint venture. The original paid-in capital of US $230,000 has been increased to US $40million, in order to elevate COMTRENDís communication technology and capture emerging opportunities. The expansion of capital has been achieved without the need for venture capital, due to COMTRENDís ability to exponentially increase its revenue streams. Strong internal fundamentals have allowed COMTREND to remain debt free.

COMTREND is committed to providing customers with the highest quality and best value products, through advanced engineering expertise. COMTRENDís success in attracting customers and maintaining customer loyalty has resulted in COMTRENDís explosive growth in revenue. The companyís greatest triumph has been its ability to attract, retain, and develop talented professionals from all around the world. COMTRENDís human resources have doubled over the last few years, enabling the company to manage the growing demand for its products, and position itself to take advantage of future opportunities.

Global distribution
In addition to OEM manufacture for world-famous companies, COMTREND provides products under the ďCOMTRENDĒ brand name for the global market. Through its international offices, COMTREND provides customers with instant and efficient solutions to guarantee customers the highest quality and service.

European office:

  • Madrid, Spain
  • Levallois-Perret, France

North American Offices:

  • Vancouver, Canada
  • California, USA

Shanghai Office:

  • Shanghai, China

Taipei Office:

  • Taipei, Taiwan

As a telecom/datacom integrated products supplier, COMTREND designs & manufactures the state-of-the-art IP and xDSL products for Residential, Residential Gateway/SOHO & Business customers and also a wide range of TDM products for Carriers:

Residential carriers

  • Single port ADSL Router/Modem
  • T1/E1 Flexible Multiplexer
  • VoIP Gateway
  • T1/E1 Converter
  • USB ADSL Modem
  • DACS
  • Rack mounted CSU/DSU

Residential Gateway/SOHO

  • IP-Based DSLAM
  • Multi-port ADSL Router
  • VDSL Switch
  • SHDSL Router/Modem
  • Subrate X.50 NTU
  • Wireless ADSL Router
  • 128k Baseband NTU
  • IAD
  • MSDSL NTU (V.35/E1)
  • SHDSL NTU (V.35/E1)


  • Multi-port SHDSL Router
  • WAN ADSL Router
  • VDSL IP Modem

Engineering and development
To maintain its competitive advantage, COMTREND recognizes the need to continue developing its outstanding professional engineering and development team. Most engineers have a masterís or doctorate degree. COMTRENDís ability to recruit and develop a talented team enables COMTREND to provide its customers with advanced telecom/datacom products including: high performance integrated network equipment for carriers, and telecommunication solutions for enterprises.

Comtrend maintains its technological strength by committing itself to:

  • Targeting 15% of revenues for reinvestment in R&D
  • Less than 6-month development cycle for CPE products
  • Procuring or licensing technologies whenever possible
  • Deploying almost half of manpower into product development

In order to provide high quality, cost-competitive products to customers, COMTREND executes strategies in manufacturing that are based not only on producing quality products, but also on flexibility to adjust to different scales of production.

Through its long-term relationships with sub-contractors and material suppliers, COMTREND has established a flexible production environment. Therefore, COMTREND has the confidence to accept customer orders of any size and specification.

Self manufacturing for low volume

  • PCB Assembly outsourced
  • Oracle ERP system
  • Total traceability
  • 100% testing on the production line, as opposed to sampling
  • Additional QA tests, using different methods are conducted before the products are shipped
Contract manufacturing for high volume
  • Responsible for sourcing components
  • QA on site with contractors
  • Flexibility in production capacity
  • 100% testing to ensure total quality
  • Additional QA tests, using different methods are conducted before the products are shipped
  • Comtrendís CT-535 Wireless ADSL Router won the ď2004 Taiwan Symbol of Excellence AwardĒ from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Comtrendís CT-535 is a Wi-Fi certified, fully integrated Wireless ADSL Router, integrating the 802.11b standard and built-in wireless technology with routing/bridge functions.
  • Comtrendís new product range will provide strong differentiating factors to the telecom players. Our new product portfolio of IADs and Gateways support triple play functionalities allowing simultaneously the transport of data, video and voices services on the operator network.COMTREND Corporation was the fourth largest supplier of DSL CPE in 2H-2002, according to a report released by Gartner Dataquest (March 2003). In the second half of 2002, COMTREND shipped over 1 million DSL units, and lifted their global share of the DSL market to 10.41%.Awarded all four tenders in year 2002 for providing 1,204,092 ADSL lines & 17,476 SHDSL lines of DSL Broadband Access Network equipment by Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwanís largest telecommunicationís company. Market research indicates that Comtrendís products have superior performance and reliability over previous suppliers.
  • Comtrend Corporation international operations demonstrate the level of trust awarded to us. European Telecom operators and Internet Service providers are counting on us to support their ADSL deployment. Comtrend provides more than ADSL CPEs, our local teams have expertise in the marketing and logistics support of mass CPE and enterprise projects.
  • All U.S. RBOCs have standardized on COMTREND-developed D4 Channel Banks. One of the RBOCs specifies COMTREND's products as the sole solution in case interoperability issues occur.
  • Repeatedly selected by Hong Kong Telecom to supply fractional T1/E1 DSUs over other world-class companies.
  • Developed one of the best performing ADSL Modems/Routers in the world. Independently measured data confirm the superiority of COMTREND's products over three other leading brands in the U.S.
  • The MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) for delivered Central Office circuit packs averages thousands of years, and for CPE averages hundreds of years.
  • Once a customer, always a customer so far.

Offices worldwide

European offices

Avenida Europa no16, oficina 19, 28224 Madrid, Spain
Tel: 34-917990403
Fax: 34-913510999
E-mail: sales@comtrendcorp.com
Web: www.comtrend.com

120, Boulevard Jean Jaures, 92300 Levallois-Perret, France
Tel: +33-170987778
E-mail: sales@comtrendcorp.com
Web: www.comtrend.com

North American Offices

15375 Barranca Parkway, Suite C-104 Irvine, CA 92618, USA
Tel: 1-949-7539640
E-mail: sales@comtrendcorp.com
Web: www.comtrend.com

300-1275 West 6th Ave. Vancouver, BC, V6H 1A6, Canada
Tel: 1-949-7539640
Fax: 1-949-7539020
E-mail: sales@comtrendcorp.com
Web: www.comtrend.com

Shanghai Office:
Room 603, Jiadu Building, No.719 Yanan West Road, Changning Dist, Shanghai, China
Tel: 86-21-6225-6705, 86-21-6225-6103, 86-21-6225-8080
Fax: 86-21-6225-6344
E-mail: sales@comtrendcorp.com
Web: www.comtrend.com

Taipei Office
3F-1,10 Lane 609, Chung Hsin Road, Section 5, San Chung, Taipei, Taiwan 241
Tel: 886-2-29998261
Fax: 886-2-29998497
E-mail: sales@comtrendcorp.com
Web: www.comtrend.com

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