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Yiannis KouliasCYTA: The way forward

by Yiannis Koulias, Manager of CytaGlobal

Yiannis Koulias is the Manager of CytaGlobal, CYTA's International Commercial Services Division, and Managing Director of CYTA UK Ltd and CytaGlobal Hellas AE. Yiannis Koulias holds a BSc Degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from the University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology and an MSc Degree in Microwaves & Modern Optics from University College London. He is a Chartered Engineer and Member of various professional institutions. Yiannis Koulias started his career with CYTA in 1984, as a Transmission Engineer. In 1986 he was posted as Head of the International Transmission Maintenance Centre and later on, as Head of the International Switching Maintenance Centre. In 1995, he moved to CYTA's International Commercial Services Division as Head of International Network Operations, Planning and Promotion.

Cyprus' telecommunications infrastructure is one of the most developed in the Eastern Mediterranean region thanks to the CYTA (Cyprus Telecommunications Authority) network, which is considered to be amongst the most technologically advanced in Europe.

Advanced technology is in CYTA's nature and, as a result, the Organisation is able to provide its customers with innovative products and services that are equal to those offered by other developed Telecommunications Organisations, elsewhere.

CYTA and Competition

Competition, international and local, has now become an integral part of the Cyprus telecommunications market and CYTA faces it across virtually its entire range of services. The presence of competitors keeps the Organisation vigilant and gives it the chance to improve constantly.

Over the past three years, Cyprus has been required to create a competitive environment as expected by a Member of the European Union, and it has succeeded. The only difference is that many European countries needed many more years than Cyprus to develop such a market.

For the creation of this new competitive environment, all those involved - various Ministries, Telecommunications Service Providers, the Office of the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation and the Commission for the Protection of Competition - were asked to play their part. It was important that the new competitive environment should not be inferior to that of other European Union countries. However, its formation had to take into account the particular characteristics of Cyprus such as, for example, the small size of the market and the large geographic spread of customers. It was also necessary to take into account the fact that CYTA had traditionally provided high-quality products and services at low prices compared to the European Union and other countries, a fact that for a number of years had been confirmed by comparative studies carried out by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Moreover, it was important not to forget that the ultimate aim of securing healthy competition was that of serving the consumer through the provision of high-quality services at low prices.

Integrated Electronic Communications Services

Turning global dreams into realityCYTA offers a wide spectrum of telecommunications products and services to its customers, based on market demand and modern technology. These products and services respond to customer needs for all types of communications, whether fixed or mobile, voice, video or data transmission. Particular emphasis is placed on the provision of value added services such as multimedia services via the Internet, e-commerce, triple-play services and additional new services to be based on the convergence of fixed/mobile communications, which are expected to dominate CYTA's business activities during the coming decade. In order to provide the best possible response to customer demands, CYTA provides unified broadband services using IP/MPLS technologies on a developing New Generation Network, which enables the high-speed transmission of all types of information (data, image and voice).

The continuous upgrading of its telecommunications infrastructure and its portfolio of products and services, combined with CYTA's policy of steadily reducing tariffs, have enabled CYTA to offer perhaps the lowest tariffs in the European Union and Cyprus in becoming an attractive base for international companies.

Strategic aims

CYTA places particular emphasis on matters of Corporate Governance. For this reason, although it has no obligation to comply with the principles of Corporate Governance since it is not listed on the Stock Exchange, it has nonetheless decided to adopt them wherever possible and where they do not contravene the provisions of the Cyprus Telecommunications Law. The basic reason for this is a firm belief that good Corporate Governance within the Organisation will enhance its ability to successfully manage the contemporary challenges that face it, due to technological developments and the competitive environment.

CYTA aims at maintaining and further improving the already high quality of its products, services and customer service, at competitive prices. Its mission is to continuously improve the entrepreneurial capability and quality of life of its customers, by providing competitive electronic communications products and services.

Taking advantage of the island's privileged geographical location at the crossroads of three continents, CYTA through CytaGlobal, its International Commercial Services Division, has developed an extensive submarine fibre optic cable network, which connects Cyprus with neighbouring countries and thereafter with the rest of the world. CytaGlobal participates in various regional and global cable systems such as the SEA-ME-WE 3, which links Western Europe and South Eastern Asia via the Mediterranean and the Middle East, and the MED NAUTILUS which connects the Mediterranean with Western Europe and beyond. CYTA's hub will be further enhanced with its recent involvement in the MINERVA cable system, the first submersible ring, connecting Cyprus and Europe directly. In parallel, CYTA also operates an extensive network of Satellite Earth Stations, which are linked to the Intelsat, Eutelsat and Arabsat satellite systems as well as to Intersputnik, SES and AsiaSat.

CYTA has already proven that is proactive and is willing to respond to market and legislation changes in order to take full advantage of Cyprus' accession to the European Union. Cyprus has now become Europe's furthermost border in the Eastern Mediterranean, thus opening new horizons for CYTA and CytaGlobal, which aim to become the Telecommunications Bridge between East and West.

Furthermore, CYTA has intensified its efforts aimed at expanding its operations abroad through wholly-owned subsidiary companies, especially in countries with significant Cypriot communities, such as Greece and the UK. Taking into consideration the liberalisation of the telecommunications market in Cyprus as well as CYTA's significant investment in international cable systems, the strategy of entering new markets will provide additional sources of income for CYTA.


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