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Yiannis KouliasCytaGlobal: A Winning Infrastructure

An important telecommunications hub in the Eastern Mediterranean region, connecting the East with the West

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Yiannis Koulias is the Manager of CytaGlobal, CYTA’s International Commercial Services Division, and Managing Director of CYTA UK Ltd and CytaGlobal Hellas AE. Yiannis Koulias holds a BSc Degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from the University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology and an MSc Degree in Microwaves & Modern Optics from University College London. He is a Chartered Engineer and Member of various professional institutions. Yiannis Koulias started his career with CYTA in 1984, as a Transmission Engineer. In 1986 he was posted as Head of the International Transmission Maintenance Centre and later on, as Head of the International Switching Maintenance Centre. In 1995, he moved to CYTA’s International Commercial Services Division as Head of International Network Operations, Planning and Promotion.

Positioned in the Eastern Mediterranean at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, Cyprus has historically served as a commercial and communications base of strategic importance. Now, at the start of a new millennium, the island’s firmly established reputation as an international financial and business services centre owes much to its superior global telecommunications capabilities.

CYTA, is based in Cyprus and takes full advantage of the strategic geographical location of the island. CYTA is a service provider of the whole spectrum of electronic communication products, ranging from fixed and mobile telephony to Internet service provision and broadband applications.

Cytaglobal, the International Commercial Services Division of CYTA, specializes in the provision of global electronic communication products and services. With what is probably the best telecommunications network in the Eastern Mediterranean region, Cytaglobal meets customers’ ever expanding needs and business goals, by embracing new technologies, generating competitively priced, innovative products and delivering sterling service.

Our success as a telecommunications hub in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East region is due, first and foremost, to the strength of our network and the superb regional and global connectivity on offer.

Cytaglobal is the co-owner of an extensive optical fibre cable network spanning the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, North Sea and Black Sea that delivers unrivalled performance, reliability and the flexibility of synchronous digital transmission. Furthermore, having access to many major satellite systems, we make available an equally impressive satellite telecommunications network boasting enhanced, high quality global connectivity.

Submarine Optical Fibre Cable Systems

In cooperation with neighbouring countries, we have developed an extensive submarine optical fibre cable network in the Eastern Mediterranean basin, employing state-of-the-art technology and full restoration, to connect Cyprus with these countries and international networks beyond ... and we are continuously evaluating the connection to other planned optical fibre networks the world over.

The following submarine optical fibre cable systems currently in service land in Cyprus, at three separate cable landing stations, namely Ayia Napa, Pentaskhinos and Yeroskipos:

  • APHRODITE 2 - westwards to Greece and thereafter via ARIANE-2 cable system to Europe and beyond:
    This cable interconnects with ARIANE-2, of which Cytaglobal is a major co-owner, and stretches from Crete, in Creece to Marseilles, in France. It provides PDH digital backbone facilities connecting Cyprus to Europe, the US and the rest of the world.
  • CIOS - eastwards to Israel:
    This is a repeaterless cable system of SDH technology connecting Cyprus directly with Israel.
  • CADMOS - eastwards to Lebanon:
    This is a repeaterless cable system of SDH technology connecting Cyprus directly with two separate landing stations in Lebanon.
  • UGARIT - eastwards to Syria:
    This is a repeaterless SDH cable system connecting Cyprus directly with Syria and thereafter, via terrestrial extensions to Jordan. UGARIT and CADMOS together with the BERYTAR cable system (Beirut-Tartous) are fully integrated into a secure self-healing ring, interconnecting Cyprus with Lebanon and Syria.
  • MINERVA - westwards to Greece, Europe and beyond:
    This is an independent private cable subsystem forming a direct self-healing ring between Cyprus and Italy, and thereafter via Pan-European networks, to the rest of Europe, the US and beyond.
  • SEA-ME-WE 3 - southwards to the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia China and Australia, and westwards to Europe, traversing the Mediterranean and North Sea, all the way to Germany:
    This is a 20 Gbit/s submarine fibre optic cable network noted for its huge traffic-carrying capacity, and with multitude of landing stations in many different countries. Its total length of about 40,000 km makes it the longest submarine optical fibre cable in the world.
  • LEV - westwards to Italy and eastwards to Israel:
    This SDH system connects with the MED NAUTILUS cable system, providing connectivity to Greece, rest of Europe and beyond.

Two high capacity coastal cable systems – TEFKROS and KINYRAS - interconnect all landing stations in Cyprus, thereby securing all wet routes for regional and international traffic. The two coastal links are fully protected with terrestrial SDH self-healing rings.

By co-owning, buying or leasing capacity, Cytaglobal participates, in many other regional and major global submarine cable systems such as AC-1, ARIANE-2, BSFOCS, CELTIC, MED-NAUTILUS, COLUMBUS III, OTRANTO-CORFU, SAT-3, and TAT-14. As a major co-owner and Network Administrator of submarine cable systems, Cytaglobal facilitates the acquisition of capacity on systems landing in Cyprus. Through Cytaglobal, owners of capacity in such cable systems, have access to considerable reserve capacity in other submarine cables connecting Cyprus to rapidly developing neighbouring countries.

Our experienced professionals can provide consultation, integration, administration and central billing services, for submarine cable systems on a global scale. In providing total fibre management, we can also plan, co-ordinate and execute restoration of PDH and SDH submarine cable links via reserve cable capacity owned either exclusively or in part by Cytaglobal.

Satellite Telecommunications Network

An extensive satellite network that provides high quality global connectivity supplements Cytaglobal’s far-reaching optical fibre cable connections. We own and operate two teleport sites with a complement of more than 20 major satellite earth stations. These provide connectivity with Intelsat, Eutelsat, SES Global, AsiaSat, RSCC, ARABSAT, ABS and other major satellite systems. We take advantage of our ideal geographical location, which offers optimal conditions for satellite communications, and we have the resources to bring together fibre and satellite connectivity, providing integrated hybrid solutions. Cytaglobal is an established ISO-certified player and has the reputation of providing high quality personalized services to its customers that are fully supported by experienced personnel on a 24-hours basis.


CytaWorld.Net, our newly developed state-of-the-art MPLS platform, consists of a robust optical fibre ring-network with core and access routers with centralized management and full redundancy, integrating voice, data and video into one global, secure and flexible network. The platform allows the provision of network-based VPNs as well as ATM and Frame Relay connections. Network–based VPNs are combined with Class-of-Service which provides differentiated types of service so that delay-sensitive traffic and non-delay sensitive traffic are separated and treated differently. CytaWorld.Net currently consists of three Points-of-Presence in Athens, London and Nicosia. These Points-of-Presence are further interconnected with international networks of our partners thus enabling Cytaglobal to offer total solutions to most destinations worldwide. Cytaglobal Hellas AE and CYTA UK Ltd, wholly owned subsidiary companies of CYTA, own and operate the Points -of- Presence in Athens and London, respectively.

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