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Welcome to the 12th issue of Intercomms!

You will notice a much more country orientated feel to this issue and as it is the year of ITU World Telecom we are looking at different countries and how they are developing their infrastructure.

We have also been busy getting the real picture on what IPv6 will mean to you, the service provider's; we conducted a mini survey within European carrier's, which showed over 50% were looking to deploy in over 3 years, we show why this could be problematical.

We have brought together expert's from The IPv6 Forum, Cisco, Tata and The TM Forum to advise on deployment issues from the horse’s mouth of actual deployment and the global reality of preparation.

The survey also showed the realisation from carriers that they will need consultancy advice on deployment, which also brought up the problem that a lot of OEM's and consultancy practices do not view this as an important area for them!

As we are involved in the EU Task Force on this issue we will keep you posted, please email me any questions.

We have changed the cover to show the content of the journal in line with our other publications. As always you can leave your questions, view 24hr news and the journal free of charge on line as well as all back issues.

Robert Alcock
Project Director

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