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Welcome to the 13th issue of Intercomms!

Welcome to InterComms as we go into our tenth year of publishing. The project has grown in impact through our involvement on boards of many of the top industry forums, and we hope that this will continue in the next ten years.

I would like to thank the Secretary General of the ITU, for spending the time to have a frank and indepth look at the organisation and how he hopes it can be as effective going forward as it has been over the past few years. People forget the work that Hamadoun did at ITU –D in helping many programmes develop globally.

Else where we continue our view on IPv6, which is going to become a major cause for concern for carriers worldwide.

As usual if you would like to comment on the project and areas covered please contact myself on the email below.

Here’s to another ten years.

Robert Alcock
Project Director

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