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Welcome to Issue 16 of InterComms!

We are evolving as a project and have now linked in with the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation to have this information available at all of their events globally; we have also linked in with Clarion and IQPC companies, who we work heavily on our defence side with www.soldiermod.com.

The Web portal www.intercomms.net has listings of most global events where we are distributed by the organisers; and if you have any technical questions, please use our question and answer service, free of charge, to help you receive correct answers from industry experts.

If you are picking this up in Dublin, welcome to Ireland, or what’s left of it – Ireland is probably one of the best countries to look at in terms of what went wrong in the boom bust era and the knock on effect in our industry of reduction in revenue due to closure of business.

Now more than ever protecting revenue and customers is key, providing pro active rather than reactive customer care and new services first will ensure growth and revenue protection.

As well as generic educational news, we have some innovative products and services within this issue and also look at how services can be used in the bigger business picture.

As always please email me your views,


Robert Alcock
Founder and Project Director
International Communications Project

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