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CytaGlobal logoCyta's Global MPLS Services

By Mr. Constantinos Theophilou,
Head of International Networks & Platforms, Cytaglobal

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Mr Constantinos Theophilou, Head of International Networks & Platforms, Cytaglobal
Mr Constantinos Theophilou,
Head of International Networks & Platforms, Cytaglobal

Cyta, a corporate government body and a telecommunications operator in Cyprus, provides the full spectrum of advanced telecommunication products and services, covering fixed and mobile voice and data communications, value added services and a lot more. The company is the leading Internet Service Provider in Cyprus and a key player in the local IPTV market. Cyta is a member of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), and is recognised with five stars for excellence. Its operational activities are ISO certified.

Cytaglobal, the International Wholesale strategic business unit of Cyta, has developed an extensive submarine fibre optic cable network connecting Cyprus with other countries and international networks beyond. Furthermore, as an initial party of INTELSAT, EUTELSAT, INMARSAT and NEW SKIES and having access to many major satellite systems, Cytaglobal makes available an equally impressive satellite telecommunications network boasting enhanced, high quality international connectivity.

Through its international network, Cyta has achieved to become an important telecommunications hub in the Eastern Mediterranean. The company is in a solid financial position with long-term profitability and expanding turnover. In 2011 its turnover reached €474 million with €82 million profit. Cyta has virtually zero debt.


The main elements of Cyta’s international network include a fibre core network, separate international switching centres and a regional internet node. The facilities also include two satellite teleports with more than 30 major satellite antennas and three submarine cable stations with 10 operational fibre optics systems. The network provides reliable and resilient connectivity via direct circuits with major international operators, worldwide. More specifically, Cyta operates its own major nodes in Cyprus, Athens, London and Marseilles utilising technology that combines voice, data and video into a single broadband network with integrated security, flexibility and scalability. The services provided include clear SDH based capacity, Ethernet Connections either over SDH or over MPLS, Layer 3 MPLS-VPNs, IP Transit and VoIP. Cyta is the largest ISP in Cyprus serving both business and residential customers and major international customers.

Figure 1: CytaWorld.Net - Cyta’s International MPLS Based Platform
Figure 1: CytaWorld.Net - Cyta’s International MPLS Based Platform

MPLS Platform

Being at the forefront of technology, Cyta, jointly with its subsidiaries, Cyta UK Ltd operating in the UK and Cytaglobal Hellas AE operating in Greece, has developed CytaWorld.Net, a state of the art new generation MPLS (multi protocol label switching) platform, which integrates voice, data and video into a single global network. This multi-service MPLS platform is secure, flexible and scalable. More importantly, it provides full redundancy in terms of physical routes as well as equipment, in order to ensure uninterrupted provision of service. Through the use of multiple Network-to-Network Interfaces (NNIs) with partners, Cyta offers global coverage as well as full protection in case of failure of any specific Point of Presence (PoP).

Currently Cyta’s MPLS platform consists of PoPs located at Nicosia (Cyprus), London and Athens. However, through Cyta’s own capacity the MPLS platform can be extended to most major European hubs like Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels and Marseilles.

Through the use of Cyta’s MPLS platform, Cyta is currently offering high quality enterprise network data services based on Layer 2 EoMPLS (EthernetConnect), or Layer-3 MPLS VPNs (BusinessConnect). Through these services, enterprises can modernise their network solutions replacing legacy services with more resilient, flexible and cost effective solutions.


Through EthernetConnect product, Cyta offers managed Layer-2 Ethernet-over-MPLS connections with different Classes-of-Service at a variety of transmission rates, ranging from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps over Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. This solution is protocol transparent. The service is based on the E-Line model of the Metro_Ethernet_Forum (MEF) for point-to-point connections. Features such as bandwidth granularity, fast upgrades and high quality Service Level Agreements (SLA) ensure optimal performance at most competitive prices. Through the use of External Network Network Interfaces (ENNIs) with partners, Cyta ensures global coverage.


Cyta’s MPLS VPN service includes the provision of reliable and secure connections between the customers’ networks throughout the world. This technology utilises different Classes-of-Service (CoS) that enable the user to perform simultaneous different tasks through its network. Delay and non-delay sensitive traffic is separated and treated with different priorities. Three predefined CoS levels are offered:

  • Gold: Real-Time packet forwarding, with low latency and guaranteed packet delivery for delay-sensitive, mission critical applications such as Voice (VoIP), high quality videoconferencing, etc.
  • Silver: Guaranteed latency and packet delivery. Suitable for mission-critical applications at cost beneficial terms such as e-commerce applications, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), etc.
  • Bronze: Best-Effort delivery for applications such as e-mailing, web-browsing, FTP, etc.

The offered CoS levels and other service provisioning parameters are secured with Service Level Agreements (SLA). Quotations are provided upon request on a case by case basis. The charges are dependent on the country of destination, capacity of circuit and CoS mix. Customers can monitor through web-based applications their service statistics and support is provided on a 24/7 basis.

Cyta’s MPLS based services conform to recognised international standards and ensure compliance with high-quality targets, making it an established regional player with solid financial position and long-term objectives.

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