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Kojo Boakye Manager,
Programmes – Research & Consultancy

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Kojo Boakye Manager, Programmes – Research & Consultancy
Kojo Boakye Manager,
Programmes – Research & Consultancy

Research and Consultancy has been a core activity of the CTO for more than a decade. Leveraging its knowledge base and drawing on the vast pool of expertise within its membership, the CTO’s research and consultancy division has become the trusted partner of policy makers, regulators, donor agencies, regional organisations and the private sector. Our research and consultancy services address knowledge building needs, providing outputs that enable ICT clients, Members and Partners to make evidence-based decisions. It is important for stakeholders to obtain, critically assess, share and, ultimately, use information in order to further socio-economic development across the Commonwealth and beyond. We have created this ICT Knowledge Bank, which highlights and promotes the CTO’s work and that of other stakeholders in the CTO’s areas of focus. For more information about the knowledge bank please visit

Example of some projects undertaken by CTO Research & Consultancy Division:

  • Nokia (2007) Assessed the factors impacting the development of local mobile content relating to public services in India, South Africa and Ghana.
  • National Communications Authority, Ghana (2011-12) Developed the strategic plan for Ghana’s ICT regulator.
  • Ericsson (2007-08). Identified the requirements of mobile content impacting on governance in India and Uganda.
  • Avanti Communications (2012) Identified opportunities for satellite based services to provide broadband in Africa.
  • Iceni Mobile (2008). Evaluated the African countries to pilot the novel rural communications technology developed by Iceni Mobile.
  • Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (2012). Developed the strategic plan for Namibia’s ICT regulator.
  • ommonwealth (2008-10) Examined of the status of rural connectivity in Africa to identify missing links under the Commonwealth African Rural Connectivity Initiative.
  • National Telecommunications Commission, Sierra Leone (2012). Carried out an Access Gap study to anchor interventions of the newly set up Universal Access Development Fund.
  • UNICEF (2009-10) Evaluated the role mobiles could play to deliver UNICEF’s mandate across the Globe.
  • Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications (2012-13). Developed the strategic plan of Ghana’s universal service and access fund agency.
  • Ministry of Telecoms and Postal Services, Republic of South Sudan (2010-12) Developed a strategic plan for the Ministry to deliver its mandate of ICT-enabling South Sudan.
  • The Ministry of Communications, Ghana (2012-13). Provided advice on a suitable policy framework along with the necessary capacity building strategies to develop Ghana’s ITES/BPO sector. Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation logo


For more information about the work undertaken by the Research & Consultancy division please visit: or email:

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