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Andorra Telecom logoThe Challenges of Integration in Emerging Markets

InterComms talks to Jaume Salvat,
Director General and CEO, Andorra Telecom

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Jaume Salvat, Director General and CEO, Andorra Telecom
Jaume Salvat, Director General
and CEO, Andorra Telecom

Jaume Salvat, is a Telecommunications engineer, with 30 years in the Telecommunications Sector, possessing a range of experience with different Telecommunication Operators. He has held executive positions in Strategic Planning, Commercial Network Technology, Engineering, Planning, Deployment, Operation and Maintenance. As the co-founder of a Telecommunications and Information Services Consulting Company based in Barcelona, Spain, Jaume has been actively involved in projects with Regional Governments, Municipalities and private Telecommunication Operators related to Strategic, Business and Technical and Organizational improvements and system solution deployments.

Andorra Telecom manages the integrated communications and training services associated with telecommunications within the Principality of Andorra, consisting of telephone, television and internet. Under its brand name SOM, the company offers a variety of integrated solutions and products which create added value for both individual customers, companies, and organisations throughout the country.

Q: When it comes to bandwidth, infrastructure and integration with legacy systems, what are some of the greatest challenges facing telecoms today?
A: The deployment of high capacity broadband infrastructures requires important investments that can only be recovered by offering high quality services adapted to the market with the right strategy, being very efficient and having the operation costs controlled. The legacy IT architecture was posing difficulties in operations and is not providing the flexibility, the time to market and the simplicity of operations that Andorra Telecom is requiring. Legacy systems have high maintenance cost and low efficiency.

Q: How is Andorra facing those challenges?
A: We have already deployed the broadband infrastructures, with an increasing penetration, which makes the business case better than expected. The new IT architecture will give us the possibility to react quicker to the market needs, the flexibility to develop new and innovative services, and lowering the operational costs. We completed the deployment of the FTTH access network, connecting 100% of business and homes in the country in May 2010. We replaced the mobile network infrastructure in 2012. We are now in the process of replacing the legacy BSS/OSS systems. Having the right future proof infrastructure in place will help the Company to focus on service and we will have a unique opportunity to incorporate the innovation in the culture of the Company.

Q: You have said Andorra is in the process of a complete “Company Transformation.” Can you explain what you mean by that?
A: The telecommunication sector is evolving very rapidly. For us to evolve from a traditional Telecommunications Operator requires a new Company culture, that is flexible, very efficient and focusing on innovation, maximizing the use the “defuture-proof” broadband network infrastructures deployed and the IT (BSS/OSS) transformation based on an optimized process model. By complete Company Transformation, I mean deploying the right, future proof network infrastructures (both fixed and mobile), evolving the IT architecture, adapting the processes and the organization, and changing the culture of the Company. After the complete IT transformation, we will have a quick time to market for new products, we will be able to increase revenues and customer satisfaction, and lower the development and operational costs.

Q: I know of the recent memorandum of understanding between Andorra and Cisco Systems. With what you are at liberty to disclose of course, tell me a little more about that, and what it will mean to the industry, and ultimately the end-user?
A: The deployment of a universal broadband infrastructure allows the implementation of new and innovative services with new business models. The objective is to develop several pilots and explore the development opportunities for Andorra Telecom, based on the Smart + Connected Communities vision of Cisco. Andorra Telecom offers top-quality innovative services in order to provide citizens, tourists, businesses and public organisations in the principality with value. By exploring with Cisco the possibilities that Smart+Connected Communities solutions based on IP networks can deliver, it will be possible to define and create new services capable of optimising the management of our communities, improving social inclusion and promoting the creation of new economic activities, obtaining important competitive advantages for Andorra.

Q: Tell me about Risk Management and how does Andorra mitigate risk in a Project of this scope?
A: We knew we were facing a very challenging project for us and a lot of preparation needed to be done. All the preparation we accomplished beforehand, will help us in mitigating the risk. The most important factors we see to ensure the success of the project are our use of standardized methodology & best practices. We are joining an experienced team already in place, we are employing a flexible business-driven approach, and of course we insist upon strong project governance. Another important risk factor will be the data migration process.

Q: We’ve talked about current challenges. What do you see as the greatest challenge operators will face moving forward, and how does Andorra plan on addressing those?
A: The challenge is to become a true service oriented Operator. This broadband infrastructure allows us the possibility to develop a new innovative services offering and, at the same time, to create a competitive advantage for the country. This service could represent for us a unique opportunity to grow and, at the same time, the ability to improve the quality of life for our citizens, helping the Andorran companies and institutions to become more innovative and efficient.

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