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Adam Baddeley - Head Journalist, Editor & Co–Founder of Soldier Modernisation
Adam Baddeley

As we reach this new issue, it is with regret that I have to announce the passing of Adam Baddeley. Adam would be well known to all our contributors as our Head Journalist and also Editor and Co–Founder of our sister publication, Soldier Modernisation.

I personally worked with Adam for just under twenty years. His enthusiasm was infectious, and particularly on the military events we attended together had to be prized by security to leave the building. Our thoughts are with his young family and all his friends from around the world; the messages of support have been of great comfort to all of us.

We have been asked to provide a new section for the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation and will be doing this going forward. This is our twentieth issue. I can still remember my meeting in Geneva with Ryzard Struzak, when InterComms was born, being told that you will never get the support due to the downturn in the industry. Well, 12 years later we are still here, with over 60 events globally and supported by more than 30 international organisations.

This issue we have released the project in E-reader formats for Android and iPad; this is a new resource which will be updated in between hard copy journals. The web portal is still flourishing, please ask you technical questions here and we will respond within 48 hours.

We have some standout contributions this issue from ‘The Internet of Everything’ by Latif and friends, a first publishing and well worth a read on where the internet is going. Rob Rich’s paper on Big Data from the TM Forum, up to date and should raise questions. We also have papers on inclusion, this is becoming a topic not just in our industry but globally, and we have covered this be it in gender or disability.

I look forward to any questions as normal.

Robert Alcock
Project Director
International Communications Project

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