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Andorra Telecom logoAndorra Telecom Has to Spread and Become a Service Provider

InterComms talks to Jordi Nadal, the new Chief Executive Officer, Andorra Telecom

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Andorra Telecom manages the integrated communications and training services associated with telecommunications within the Principality of Andorra, consisting of telephone, television and internet. Under its brand name SOM, the company offers a variety of integrated solutions and products which create added value for both individual customers, companies, and organisations throughout the country.

Jordi Nadal, was appointed Chief Executive Officer, in March 2013. The company starts this new stage with a strategic turn centred in the innovation inside the Smart Country project, where services intended for tourism and business are a priority.

Q: Mr Nadal, will there be continuity of the work driven by the previous management?
A: I have been a member of the board of directors for many years and I share the strategic view the company has had until now. So regarding this I can confirm there will be continuity. Although, carrying out the strategy will involve changes within the company.

Q: Which direction will these changes have?
A: Part of the strategy is to diversify the business; it requires becoming a service provider and not just of infrastructures. This means transforming the company, as we will have to do projects in collaboration with others (and not only by ourselves), sell in a different manner etc. so we are working on these objectives at present.

Q: What work is being done to diversify?
A: The government of Andorra is working hard to make this country a Smart Country and Andorra Telecom plays an important role in the creation of this “ecosystem”.

The first step is to provide WiFi connection in all the main tourist areas.

The network will allow visitors to use free applications linked to tourism and businesses and will improve the buying experience in Andorra.

These applications for tourism and others that will come, will allow us to register a lot of information, so we can work and develop new applications.

In the near future Andorra can position itself as a “real” laboratory, attractive to test applications aimed at larger markets.

We are also working together with other Andorran companies in fields such as e-learning, e-health or energetic efficiency.

I think Andorra Telecom can position itself as a pioneer Smart Country. A concept that is very commented on but where there are very few defined initiatives.

Jordi Nadal has a Telecommunications Engineer Masters from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and a degree in marketing from EADA. Jordi Nadal has been a member of Andorra Telecom´s team since 1994. He was appointed CEO of Andorra Telecom in March this year.

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