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Siemens logoCombining Lifetime Extension for Legacy Networks and Smooth
Migration to the Next Generation

Siemens Convergence Creators offers an attractive new opportunity for an extended utilization of CSPs’ operational infrastructures

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Thomas Köhler, Siemens Convergence Creators
Thomas Köhler, Siemens Convergence Creators

Thomas Köhler is head of Business Unit “Professional Services for Telco/Media” at Siemens Convergence Creators, covering a broad range of professional services and solutions in the field of service enablement, such as “Lifetime Extension & Care Services for Legacy Networks” or the “bonusXpress” loyalty solution.

After starting his career at Siemens as a software service engineer for industry IT solutions, Thomas headed the core switch R&D unit for GSM for seven years. Then he took over the management of OSS/BSS topics before changing to professional services.

Thomas holds a Master (Magister) of Business Informatics from the University of Vienna, Austria.

Siemens Convergence Creators (CVC) is a well established provider of software products and services in the telecommunication industry. During the past 50 years, CVC has gained a wide range of knowledge and project experience which builds a solid foundation for our carrier grade solutions, as well as consulting and maintenance offering. The CVC portfolio ranges from lifetime extension of legacy networks to innovative solutions for future communication needs of businesses and consumers.

"During the past years we have recognized the difficulty of CSPs to get the necessary support for their legacy networks. The support was either cancelled because network elements had reached the end of their lives, or a new contract was tied to specific terms, such as upgrading or migrating to a specific system. Siemens CVC decided to extend the lifetimes of CSPs’ network elements for as long as they need them. The goal here is not to stick to legacy networks forever but to give operators enough time to check alternatives and build strategies for the future. During this time we keep the existing network alive, offer support, integrate new components in the old environment and give support when migrating to a new technology or vendor. Together with our reliable service and hardware partners we are able to support CSPs even beyond the end of life of their equipment," says Thomas Köhler.

Siemens Convergence Creators acts independently from network and IT equipment vendors, but has strong partnerships with leading market players. Thanks to years of experience, Siemens Convergence Creators combines superior technology expertise, OSS/BSS domain knowledge, end-to-end telecom process know-how as well as IT solutions and integration competence for all telecom core processes.

Smooth operation of IT resources is vital for telecom operators. Expiring lifetimes of existing equipment represent a challenge for the continued operation of networks. When vendors of IT equipment declare the end of life of hardware and software components, operators are in a quandary. They can invest in new technologies, reduce their service offerings by switching off the parts concerned or negotiate special agreements for keeping up the support. All three options have one thing in common: They cost the company a lot – either in terms of money or customer satisfaction.

A broad range of maintenance service options ensures the excellent
performance of your network at all times.
A broad range of maintenance service options ensures the excellent performance of your network at all times.

Siemens CVC’s lifetime extension services offer an attractive new opportunity

Lifetime extension and care services provide reliable support beyond product lifecycles. They allow legacy systems to be maintained as long as desired by CSPs. A broad range of service options ensures the excellent performance of networks at all times. Our optimization services help CSPs to reduce operating costs and increase service quality through constant network optimization. The Global Service Desk with its 24/7 support is the central point of contact in the event of problems.

Peace of mind thanks to established service competence

More and more telecommunication providers rely on the competence of Siemens CVC for maintenance of their networks. Due to our profound know-how in the development of telecommunication equipment we are in a position to provide top-level service for these network elements.

Our maintenance contracts comprise software and hardware maintenance services for fixed, mobile and signaling networks, as well as a 24/7 Global Service Desk.

Currently we are maintaining over 400 network elements for satisfied customers across Europe.

Siemens CVC complements its service offering with enterprise applications and innovative products

Siemens CVC supports CSPs’ daily business so that they can focus on their core business

Customized data management services and products help CSPs to keep track of their business data. With our Product Data Management CSPs shorten the time for the introduction of new products, reduce development costs and improve product quality.

Siemens CVC supports the daily challenges of CSPs, whether it is about realigning IT and communication technologies to their business or introducing innovative software solutions.

Siemens CVC supports CSPs’ current business – by increasing customer loyalty

It is a well-known fact that prepaid subscribers empty and recharge their accounts faster when faced with targeted promotions. That’s where the state-of-the-art promotion engine bonusXpress comes in, which can be added easily to your solution. bonusXpress is the missing link between CRM systems, customer portals, such as a web shops, and billing systems or online raters for prepaid services. The operator thus increases average customer lifetime and customer lifetime value (CLV). Instead of worrying about how to retain customers, they now can focus on increasing their ARPU (Average Revenue per User).

Siemens CVC supports CSPs’ future business to stay competitive

In cooperation with strong and reliable service and hardware partners, Siemens CVC supports its customers in the integration of new technologies as well as when migrating to other vendors.

Even if the underlying hardware has reached the end of its life, Siemens CVC actively supports CSPs not only with mandatory issues, such as lawful interception, but also endorses the generation of new business opportunities with innovative solutions like bonusXpress.

A reliable partner for a wide range of business areas

Siemens CVC offers ONE point of contact, which offers support in the various aspects of a CSP’s business. Not only due to just ONE single interface for maintenance and support for all different network elements but also as a first contact point for other related topics – from daily routines to new business generation. With our deep Telco know-how Siemens CVC helps you to choose the right options and solutions.

About Siemens CVC:

Siemens Convergence Creators is the global communication technology partner for the digital age. We combine groundbreaking innovation and decades of experience to provide intelligent solutions to a variety of industries, bridging the gap between technology, processes, and services.

By seizing new opportunities from converging communication and designing solutions, we improve efficiency and grow revenue for our customers.

We engineer opportunities that turn visions into reality.

The company supplies more than 70 countries with communication and media products and solutions.

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