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Moving on for InterComms; the project has been going now for 14 years, we have grown our distribution by extending yet again our conference reach, as well as now our workshop reach.

We have some excellent papers from the Broadband Forum looking at the future of Cloud and Data.

The TM Forum have once again let us know what is happening and where we should be looking in the management of our systems with three up-to-date papers.

We have the "where we are and where we are going," with the Internet of Everything, from the IPv6 Forum; this is a unique paper and should lead to discussion at the many events we are at.

We spent time With Hamadoun Touré, Secretary General of the ITU, to discuss the three big topics: Data, Cloud and Digital Divide, this provides insight of where the top is viewing progress and need for legislation.

We thank our friends from the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation for releasing their news through us and also distributing InterComms worldwide to their country members and at their events.

As always, if you have any questions or views, good or bad, please let me know as this is the only way we will be here for another 14 years.

Kind Regards

Robert Alcock
Co-Founder, Intercomms

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