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Andorra Telecom logoThe Impact of OTT Services in Andorra

Robert Alcock talks to Jordi Nadal,
Chief Executive Officer at Andorra Telecom

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Jordi Nadal is the CEO of Andorra Telecom. He has been part of Andorra Telecom's team since 1994. Mr Nadal has a degree in marketing from EADA and a Telecommunications Engineer Master from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).

Andorra Telecom is the public operator that manages and operates exclusively within the territory of Andorra telecommunications services in general: land line telephony, mobile telephony, data transmission and Internet and the technical infrastructure and national networks of sound radio and Television Broadcasting Digital Terrestrial (DTT).

Q: What impact are OTT services having on Andorra Telecom from a service delivery point of view?
A: Our customers have a very particular behavior; they used to watch content dubbed in Spanish or French or regional content too, and this content is not so easy to find on OTT players; the OTT footprint in Andorra is really small.

Despite that however, some of our customers are asking for the same content and capabilities that OTT players deliver; we must then adapt our service delivery to these new “standards”.

Q: Who do you believe Telcos should be looking to partner with to mitigate the OTT threat?
A: I think that the majority of Telcos are one step behind the OTT players from a time-to-market and service delivery perspective. Some of these Telcos will not have the capability to catch up with the tempo of innovations and new services that customers demand.

Having said that, Telcos should find a partnership with well-known OTT players with a solid product offer, a strong relationship with content creators, and a clear roadmap on the technical side; in my own opinion, this is the strategic path to follow in order to be successful in this extra-competitive sector.

Q: How do you think the European OTT market is going to evolve in the next couple of years?
A: I foresee a consolidation among OTT players. As I said before, to be successful you need to have a solid product, a good relationship with content creators and the right technical approach; only a few players will be able to achieve this in the near future.

Q: What do you see as the biggest technical innovations in the CDN space at present?
A: One of them is adaptive streaming based on network status (available bandwidth, latency), device type (mobile phone, table, etc.) and streamed content (HD, low-resolution…). Now we can deliver a content service on all the devices that customers have with good quality and a personalized experience for everyone.

Another major innovation are all technical subsystems that offer the possibility to monetize OTT content in many different ways (classic streaming, premium specific content, content control).

With this, we can focus on a more definite product approach tailored to our customers’ needs and habits, that can be translated into churn reduction and, in some cases, some increases in average revenue per user (ARPU).

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