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Proactive rather than reactive looking forward to 2015

This issue brings a new style and content to InterComms, after talking with our key contributors, we are pleased to deliver a wider range of content relating to the key issues that are effecting or will effect the industry in the future.

We have a new section on Content and Video Provisioning, covering not just the technical point of view but also looking at digital rights, this section is truly global from Nextscape’s work with NTT Docomo, Siemens work with OTT and innovative products from Mediamano who work with the largest American and South American companies in broadcast. Jordi Nadal, from Andorra Telecom, looks at the impact of over the top services. We will be expanding this section as it’s a key area in revenue development going forward.

We have views from the top organisations in our industry on where we are going, why we are going there and the need to look at the big picture rather than just the technological one. Proactively looking after clients’ needs rather than reacting to problems. We needed to get different views so we have Cosmas from the ITU, Tim from the CTO, Carl from the TM Forum and Robin from the Broadband Forum. It has been interesting meeting these gentlemen and seeing how alike their thinking has been.

There are also some interesting pieces from the Broadband Forum looking at their catalyst programme, which should future proof industry spend: good news for our CFO readers.

We also look at the future of telecoms with the iPv6 Forum and the UPNP Forum, who I would like to welcome into the fold.

We have also included a section on Public Safety Communications, in conjunction with our sister organisation, The Emergency Communications Organisation, which has over 800 members in First Response and Utilities globally. This not only expands the reach for them to the Telco’s, but also your information to this market.

Finally, I would like to thank our organisational contributors and commercial contributors as we move into our 15th year of providing information globally to the telecoms market place. We look forward to the future and changing and evolving as we move along.

As always please give me any views, we can only improve by critique and suggestions of where we should be changing.


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