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CytaGlobal logoCyta’s International Internet and Data Services

By Andreas Ioannou,
Head of International Networks Promotion, Cytaglobal

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Andreas Ioannou, Head of International Networks Promotion, Cytaglobal
Andreas Ioannou, Head of International Networks Promotion, Cytaglobal

Cyta is the incumbent telecommunications operator in Cyprus. The company is customer-driven operating in a competitive market and provides the full spectrum of advanced telecommunications products and services. Cyta is a major provider of fixed and mobile communications, the number-one Internet Service Provider in Cyprus and a Key player in the local IPTV market.

Cyta operates a modern telecommunications network and has an impressive submarine cable and teleport infrastructure. The main elements of Cyta’s international network include a fiber core, separate international switching centers and a regional internet node. The facilities also include two Teleport sites with more than 35 major satellite antennas and three submarine cable stations with 10 fiber optics systems. The network provides reliable and resilient connectivity via direct circuits with major international operators.

The company couples a strategically situated telecommunications gateway in Cyprus with POPs in major telecommunications centers in Europe. Cyta’s international network has major nodes in Cyprus, Athens, London and Marseilles. It includes numerous regional and European points of connectivity and offers international extensions around the globe. The technology provides voice, data and video into a single broadband network with intergraded security, flexibility and scalability. The services provided include clear capacity and Ethernet connections, MPLS-VPN, IP Transit and VoIP.

Due to its state-of-the art global network Cyta has been active in the international market, providing services to business customers around the world.

International Internet and Data Services

Cyta’s business model is focused in building long-term relationships with its customers. The key to this philosophy is trying to understand the customers’ needs and the capability to offer products at competitive prices with the expected quality of service. The broad experience of the personnel, the continued care and support and the modern infrastructure are the tools to facilitate these capabilities and ensure customer loyalty.

Cyta’s International Internet and Data Services Portfolio has been designed to satisfy the business needs of corporate and wholesale customers for global internet and data connectivity, by providing high quality end-to-end solutions.


Our target is to become the leader in expanding internet access in the Eastern Mediterranean, by exploiting our highly resilient network and Internet platform to provide premium global internet connectivity. Cytanet is a Strategic Business Unit of Cyta, representing one of four powerful Cyta sub-brands, and is the largest and most experienced Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Cyprus, offering high quality broadband services. NetAccess provides access to the Cytanet platform by employing a variety of access technologies and routing protocols, making available carrier grade IP-Transit solutions to wholesale customers, including telecom operators and ISPs based in Cyprus or elsewhere. In this way, diversified global backbone, congestion free BGP4 routing and peering infrastructure are fully utilised to achieve unmatched throughput rates, very low latency and low packet loss access. NetAccess also offers features such as flat and usage-based billing (bandwidth-on-demand and burst capability), competitive Service Level Agreements (SLA), online performance reporting, and customised access solutions in response to individual needs.


BusinessConnect makes available the provision of Layer-3 MPLS VPN end-to-end connections via the CytaWorld.Net platform for voice, video and data applications, utilising a common integrated broadband infrastructure, while maintaining the dedicated use and security of a private network. Network–based VPNs are thus combined with Class of Service (Gold: real-time, Silver: guaranteed latency, Bronze: best effort), which provides differentiated types of service so that delay-sensitive traffic and non-delay sensitive traffic are separated and treated accordingly. BusinessConnect provides fully scalable solutions at minimal investment, allowing point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint topologies. Typically Ethernet interfaces are employed at customer ends, however, a variety of access technologies can be employed as alternatives.


EthernetConnect is offered as an alternative to BusinessConnect and makes available the provision of managed Layer-2 Ethernet-over-MPLS connections with different Classes of Service at a variety of transmission rates, ranging from 1Mbps to 1Gbps over Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. EthernetConnect is delivered through a highly resilient global MPLS platform, combining the simplicity, performance and economy of an Ethernet LAN while providing the security, pre-determined route and committed information rate of a dedicated leased line. Features such as bandwidth granularity, fast upgrades and high quality Service Level Agreements (SLA) ensure optimal performance at competitive prices.


BusinessLink is an International Private Leased Circuits (IPLC) solution provided by Cyta, which offers point-to-point connectivity between Cyprus and major European destinations. BusinessLink is ideal for applications requiring secure, reliable and frequent transfer of information between Cyprus and other countries. BusinessLink is based on SDH/TDM technology and is offered over optical submarine cable systems at data rates from 64kbps up to 622Mbps.


EthernetLink is an Ethernet over SDH (EoSDH) solution provided by Cyta, which offers point-to-point connectivity between Cyprus and major European destinations. EthernetLink combines the reliability and security of traditional leased lines with the simplicity and scalability of Ethernet to fulfil the communication needs of business customers. EthernetLink is offered over optical submarine cable systems at data rates from 2Mbps up to 1Gbps.

Due to Cyta’s extensive experience in the provision of international telecommunications products, its modern fiber network with international POPs and its dedicated Teleport facilities for satellite access, Cyprus is now a major telecommunications hub in the Eastern Mediterranean and an excellent regional electronic communications centre.

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