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Turn Key Solutions:
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TETRATAB explores key considerations when
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Casepad range
Casepad range

Mobile device deployment requires two key elements to be successful – available power and network connectivity.

Implementation strategies of devices such as the TETRATAB Casepad range have taken into account these two key elements which are essential in a mission critical environment.

In the event of an emergency situation such as a freak severe weather storm the correct implementation of these strategies will be vital for the availability of the system. In this article we will highlight some considerations regarding a mission critical strategy based on the TETRATAB Casepad device range and how it can be implemented.

Charging strategy

Although the Casepad range comes with a strong battery life the charging strategy in everyday usage prepares the device for readiness in the event of an emergency.

Taking a charge as part of the daily use cycle

The Casepad products are designed to grab a charge where they can. When in desktop mode and used as the desktop pc they grab a charge from the desktop docking station. Likewise when in the vehicle they are designed to be secured in the TETRATAB Hex mount system so it is only when used away from these two scenarios that the battery is actually being used and the device is very likely to have a full charge giving it 10 hours of autonomy on the standard swappable battery.

However, this can be more than doubled to 20 hours with a hexmount battery. Designed to also charge from the vehicle mount it can clip directly onto the back of the device as a secondary power source with no shut down required.

As part of a daily charging cycle between desk, vehicle and optional secondary hex mount batteries, the user will always have the power to handle an emergency situation.

Network Connections – enhancing your connectivity

Connectivity is the next essential service and we look at this solution in two ways – enhancing the connection at the device end and enhancing the network and network resilience.

10inch and desktop dock
10inch and desktop dock

Devices as a communications hub

TETRATAB devices can share their network connection and with 4G this will allow other devices to connect to communicate. For example, a reinforced concrete building that has collapsed can wash the area with open wifi bubble allowing either other restricted users, or indeed any user, to connect depending on the deployment.

Casepad also have built in 4gLTE and can be used to stream live video directly from the device to anyone assessing the situation and instruction how to act.

So in the collapsed building example, advisers would be able to assist first responders in medical or liberation activities to assist people in escaping from the building.

Vehicle based enhanced solution

Casepads integrated into vehicles can also provide a hotspot as described but some users also apply a dedicated router and antennas using the vehicle’s power and size to its advantage and producing a bigger bubble allowing other devices to be used within the perimeter of the vehicle up to 100m away.

Private networks and emergency rapid deployment of 4G LTE

Public 4G LTE networks have a number of issues when it comes to mission critical operational use. During an incident the network is likely to become immediately saturated with voice and data, leading network providers to limit access to certain subscribers.

At that point public users with now restricted access are likely to panic and their concerns are increased through lack of contact with their group. Also power to sustain the network will be limited if mains power becomes restricted Therefore, in such a scenario, we would plan a mobile mesh of deployable 4G base stations either based from vehicles or, in the near future, carried by troops in a backpack.

These base stations would be configured by systems integrators such as Impleo Ltd to be rapidly deployed and mesh back to a fixed node to then allow a back-haul over satellite to neighbouring countries to organize help and support.

This high capacity concept will allow many devices to stream live video in HD resolution back to controllers and advisers managing the situation and deploying resources.

TETRATAB has application partners to support this whole solution from network resilience partners that allow the devices to work seamlessly and securely over the best available network, to specialist solutions such as facial recognition and video management so that incidents can be page marked on the video by users to allow incident to be found again easily.

Tetratab refer to these solutions as “turn key solutions”. We are able to assist the client and deliver turn key requirement to users and vehicles, including vehicle fitting. The aim is to make sure when there is a mission critical job that battery and connectivity are never an issue.

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