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We are pleased to bring you Intercomms Issue 25

Having returned from IBC2015, the leading global broadcast event, the synergy between the two industries of Telecom and Broadcast is becoming more and more noticeable. Although there are still differences in specialities, the provision of cross over services is blending the industries together. Their exhibition hall 14, which looked at interconnection and iPTV, was filled with companies working in both segments. Providing media on the go, was a central topic which seemed to all come down to one word… provisioning. With customers wanting to access live sport, news and programming when on the move, more of the broadcast industries’ frustration is being aimed at the Telecom Providers. As an industry working to provide networks in a faster information age we must look at the best ways to provide high level service effectively and proactively, and look at new cost effective ways to do that. I hope that this will turn into a new exciting time for our industry, with new effective revenues to be gained from proper services rather than just discounting services’ rates. I hope to see more recognisable faces from our industry there next year.

This edition of InterComms addresses several of these key issues: we have papers from key organisations such as the ITU, TM Forum, UPnP Forum, Broadband Forum and OMA. I would also like to welcome Martin Creaner, Ex-TM Forum President, to our editorial panel, his article on digitalisation and its true meaning is well worth a read.

As always I welcome any comments, questions and critiques as that is the only way to grow and learn; I wish you all pleasant holidays and a great start to 2016. This is our 25th issue – it seems a long time ago when we first set out from a meeting in Geneva; we look forward to another 25 and it will be interesting to see where the next 15 years will take technology.


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