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Smart Solutions for
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How operator can enter
the Smart Home Market

Solutions showcase: ABOX42’s fully managed
Smart Home Solution for Operators

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ABOX42 has been active in the operator and service provider segment for more than eight years, providing modern and advanced set-top box solutions with a wide range of hardware products, a comprehensive software stack and a total lifecycle management solution for both hardware and software. In 2016, ABOX42 entered the smart home/smart living product segment, providing a complete white label solution for operators. In the last 12 months, we’ve seen a lot of changes and new market dynamics. It is great to see that ABOX42’s set-top box platform approach is adopted by more and more operators who are looking for a modern, future-proof, managed and feature-rich set-top box platform. From a product perspective, we successfully introduced our new advanced IPTV and Hybrid UHD line M50 as well as our new IPTV and Hybrid HD line Z38 with best in class priceperformance ratio.

ABOX42 dotIO Operator Smart Home Solution

The ABOX42 dotIO smart home products and services are the logical next step for ABOX42, extending the capabilities of the ABOX42 set-top box product lines for new smart home business models. Our expertise in hardware engineering, software development, total lifecycle management, and service delivery are a solid foundation for the delivery of total solutions in the smart home sector. ABOX42 dotIO provides all essential hardware, cloud and mobile components to offer compelling smart home services to the end users.

Operators can quickly roll out innovative services as an extension of their existing service offerings and multi-service bundles. This new service allows any operator to generate additional revenue streams within the customer base, acquire new subscribers and reduce churn. All ABOX42 dotIO services and components are fully integrated and can be easily deployed without project risk, all within a short timeline as another turnkey solution. Components of the solution include:

ABOX42 dotIO Smart Home Gateway

The ABOX42 H38 Smart Home Gateway is the Central Device of the Solution and processes all Information that is provided by the connected devices (Sensors). With a powerful core ARM processor with 1GB RAM, the ABOX42, this new platform interacts with all the latest communication standards connects with various sensors in the household for a complete new set of services. H38 supports Thread, RF4CE, Bluetooth 4.0/BLE, Wi-Fi extensions and the latest ZigBee 3.0 standard.

ABOX42 dotIO Smart Home Sensors

The data gathered by the ABOX42 H38 Smart Home Gateway platform is delivered by different sensors which provide data for essential Smart Home services. Sensors for door/window open detection, smoke-, fire-, gas-sensors, water leak detectors, motion sensors and smart power plugs are already available. There is also interactivity with sensors such as cameras with optional intercom functionality (microphone and speaker) via Wi-Fi.

ABOX42 dotIO Lifecycle Management for the Gateway

Operators can ensure that their products in the field are healthy and up-to-date by using Abox42‘s reliable Lifecycle Management Solution.

ABOX42 dotIO BigData

A range of IoT back-end services in the cloud enable communication with the ABOX42 H38 Smart Home Gateway in order to collect sensor data and user activity from ABOX42 dotIO mobile applications. ABOX42 dotIO Cockpit acts as the data storage back-end by aggregating and securely storing this information flood.

ABOX42 dotIO real-time Cockpit

The dotIO is the state-of-art cloud front-end to the ABOX42 dotIO BigData cloud. The Cockpit offers full transparency of the system status, all Gateway and sensor data for customer care and provides a real-time of the SLA of the end-to-end system for operators’ product management.

ABOX42 dotIO mobile applications

The Smart Home solution is designed as a service for end users, operated simply with a fingertip via mobile devices. The end user gets to use the ABOX42 dotIO Smart Home Service via mobile apps for iPhone and Android smartphones which allows the user to interact and entirely manage his service installation and configuration. With a strong background in user interfaces and behaviour, ABOX42 provides a hands-on experience for maximum customer satisfaction.

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