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This issue has been a while in the making with regard to tracking down very good industry experts' case studies and to also working around the major events that have asked us to be media partners.

I think the first question that must be asked is where does a CSP fit in? Is it as a backbone mule, carrying other people's traffic and supplying bandwidth, or as a multi service provider with a portfolio of products, either paid for, or as a control for churn.

We have reached a state of flux in someways between low cost and quality services, cost is no longer a factor, quality of service is now more important.

On the go services means that content providers are going to work with the companies that provide the best level of service, this can also be related into Smart City Technology and the use of Industrial IoT. The need for more and more bandwidth, more power to increase the use of internet connected devices is going to become more prevalent.

With more savy customers we must also look at data infringement and security, is it a good way to keep customers to write a legal document that takes years to unravel, or should a person's data be their own civil right?

We hope to cover a lot of these questions in this issue.

As always, please send your comments, good or bad, it's the only way we can continue for another 16 years.


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