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I would like to welcome you to the new InterComms project. If online, in journal format or on e-reader, we are travelling the world with this issue: distributed in 202 countries and territories, you may be picking this up at Digital World in Nice, ComunicAsia in Singapore, Telecom World in South Africa or another event in America, IBC etc. our remit to cover the world of Telecoms continues.

You will notice that in this issue we lead with a section on Africa, ahead of the four yearly large ITU summit in Durban, looking at the developments needed to move the continent on and to see where it is currently. We have some great success stories from the ITU to 4Afrika, Seacom and Corning.

We look at the promise of fantastic city services that could simplify our lives and help us use our shared resources more efficiently, this requires the entire city ecosystem – not just the city and not just the business community. To get the right push behind city services, I would like to thank Carl Piva for his insights along side oneM2M and Arthur D. Little.

The view on 5G is different from other mobile generations, both technically and in business terms, and brings with it opportunities for differentiation and new and different revenue streams. However, the business benefits of 5G are reliant on the development of better, automated and integrated management and operational capabilities. So we have a great piece from the TM Forum, and also great tools from FNT, Netformx and gen-E.

I would like to thank the Broadband Forum, Dynamic Spectrum Alliance and Nagra for their informative pieces. Please enjoy the project, any comments good or other please email me.


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