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Open ROADS Community and TM Forum – the global not-for-profit association focused on digital transformation – announced a collaboration at this year’s Digital Transformation Asia event, to provide a comprehensive set of frameworks and tools for businesses to define, plan and successfully execute digital transformation.

Digital business transformation is imperative for many industry sectors to succeed and grow. The next decade will see more and more companies transform or be disrupted. However, digital transformation is complex, and requires the knowledge and understanding of how to structure IT & operations, in conjunction with strategy and culture. By understanding digital transformation, organizations will benefit from rapidly changing technology capabilities and will deliver a sustainable and positive impact on business results.

The Open ROADS Community and TM Forum share the common goal of accelerating digital transformation and equipping businesses with the right tools and resources. The collaboration includes TM Forum’s Digital Transformation Model and Open APIs and Open ROADS Community’s Digital Mastermind holistic business-focused framework for digital business transformation. The complementary nature of these assets and tools provides a simplified path and proven best practices for businesses to execute their own digital transformations.

“The Open ROADS Community and TM Forum support organizations and businesses throughout the world with their digital transformation. Our collaboration brings greater scale and reach to this endeavor using industry proven best practices”, said Andy Tiller, Executive Vice President, Collaboration & Innovation, TM Forum.

“After two years of focused development by our membership, the Open ROADS Community Digital Mastermind framework is now ready to guide and accelerate digital business transformation across industry. The essence of this method, which we call “Digital Thinking” is to “Identify a Scenario, Start Small, Think Big, and Align Business with IT to Scale Fast””, said Trevor Cheung, Managing Director, Open ROADS Community. “I am delighted to be cooperating with TM Forum to offer the industry a comprehensive set of tools and frameworks to enable all service providers, irrespective of their current state, to begin their tailored digital transformation journey.”

The Open ROADS Community is a forum dedicated to accelerating digital business transformation. The Community’s core constituents are digital service providers, joined by digital industry participants and all firms which grow their businesses from an internet-based ecosystem. The Community achieves its goal by serving as a cross-industry accelerator for identifying new digital business models and revenue opportunities, including creating, sharing and implementing best practices for addressing those opportunities.

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