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4 August 2020 | 1:01 pm
Home Office drops 'racist' algorithm from visa decisions
After a legal challenge to the automatic algorithm, the UK will "redesign" its visa process.

4 August 2020 | 5:59 am
TikTok: What TikTokers make of Trump's ban threat
The confusion around the video app's future has left creators at a loose end - or issuing goodbyes.

4 August 2020 | 1:44 am
What's going on with TikTok?
Microsoft confirmed it wants to acquire TikTok after President Trump threatened to ban the app.

4 August 2020 | 12:00 am
Virtual house hunting gets a pandemic boost
Estate agents say demand has soared for tours of houses using virtual reality headsets.

3 August 2020 | 10:21 pm
Twitter needs to act over racist abuse, says David Lammy
The Labour MP got the backing of Home Secretary Priti Patel after receiving abuse over social media.

3 August 2020 | 9:46 pm
Call for TikTok security check before HQ decision
The owner of the short-form video app has London on a shortlist of possible locations.

3 August 2020 | 6:44 pm
Russian hackers stole trade papers from Liam Fox email
Documents on UK-US trade negotiations were leaked in the run-up to the 2019 general election.

3 August 2020 | 5:28 pm
Beyond TikTok: Who else might President Trump ban?
Other Chinese-owned software could face difficulties in the US, if TikTok ban goes ahead.

3 August 2020 | 1:37 pm
Bill English: Computer mouse co-creator dies at 91
Bill English was the first person to use a computer mouse, building the first prototype in 1963.

3 August 2020 | 10:02 am
Microsoft and TikTok talks continue after Trump call
The firm said it has talked with President Trump about buying the Chinese app's US business.

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