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22 September 2021 | 4:41 pm
Lithuania urges people to throw away Chinese phones
The country's National Cyber Security Centre found security risks in both Xiaomi and Huawei models.

21 September 2021 | 5:07 pm
NFT-based fantasy football card firm raises $680m
But some fans question if crypto-assets and football are a good mix.

21 September 2021 | 12:02 am
How 'nerd' culture powered through the pandemic
Meet the online content creators beating the odds to build successful careers from their passions.

20 September 2021 | 5:44 pm
Bitcoin mining producing tonnes of waste
Waste from the cryptocurrency process is similar to that from IT equipment somewhere like the Netherlands.

20 September 2021 | 2:03 pm
China: Children given daily time limit on Douyin - its version of TikTok
Douyin users aged under 14 will be limited to 40 minutes a day on the platform.

20 September 2021 | 12:01 am
Can apps manage our chronic health conditions?
A Swedish tech firm has created an app to help alleviate people's joint pain.

19 September 2021 | 1:36 am
Should schools retain online parents' evenings?
Parents and teachers seem to agree it is the number one innovation worth keeping post-lockdown.

17 September 2021 | 4:13 pm
Mosquitoes sucked up by traps that mimic breathing
More than 300 traps have been deployed in the French town of Hyères to catch mosquitos.

17 September 2021 | 3:32 pm
The AI body scanner detecting skin cancer and other news
BBC Click's LJ Rich looks at the best tech news stories of the week.

17 September 2021 | 1:33 pm
High-speed internet via airborne beams of light
The project has been developed by Alphabet's moonshot factory, X.

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