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27 May 2019 - (ITU News)
‘Boosting Africa’s digital economy’: How tech is transforming Africa
24 May 2019 - (ITU News)
ITU workshop to forecast the future of TV for Europe
01 May 2019 - (ITU News)
In Silicon Valley, UN Broadband Commission advocates for new innovative partnerships and business models to expand broadband networks for digital transformation
09 April 2019 - (ITU News)
From payment of social security contributions to improving the quality of primary healthcare services – tech proves a force for good
28 March 2019 - (ITU News)
5G - Fifth generation of mobile technologies
11 March 2019 - (ITU News)
Innovation, capacity and partnerships in emergency telecommunications crucial to saving lives
02 November 2018 - (ITU News)
New ITU case study maps the Moscow ‘smart city’ journey
01 November 2018 - (ITU News)
ITU elects first woman and other top managers to lead UN agency for technology
01 November 2018 - (ITU News)
ITU Member States re-elect Houlin Zhao as ITU Secretary-General
23 October 2018 - (Broadband Forum)
Global fixed broadband subscribers exceed one billion
09 August 2018 - (ITU News)
Advances in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will allow users to have unprecedented immersion experiences – even making them believe they are someone else
01 August 2018 - (ITU News)
ITU launches ‘Network 2030’ initiative to support emerging technologies and innovation looking beyond 5G advances
26 July 2018 - (Netformx)
Netformx wins Silver in the 2018 IT World Award® in New Products and Services Category
11 July 2018 - (ITU News)
Ofcom’s 5-year plan opens up fixed wireless
09 July 2018 - (ITU News)
ITU global symposium examines how digital transformation is extending regulatory frontiers
04 July 2018 - (ITU News)
How Japan could soon offer lessons for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
11 June 2018 - (Netformx)
Netformx Announces Partner Incentive Tool to Optimize Profits and Cost Structures During the Presales Process
15 May 2018 - (Netformx)
XaaS Subscription-based Products Supported by Netformx DesignXpert
09 May 2018 - (ITU News)
How to realize the true value of geospatial data
08 May 2018 - (International Telecommunications Union)
How will data act as a force for good?
05 April 2018 - (ITU News)
AI cardiologist aces its first medical exam
04 April 2018 - (ITU News)
Disrupting business models is not enough. We need tech innovation too
15 March 2018 - (Dynamic Spectrum Alliance)
Ofcom and the European Commission confirmed to speak at Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Global Summit 2018
02 March 2018 - (International Telecommunications Union)
WSIS Prizes 2018: World’s leading ‘ICT for Sustainable Development’ initiatives announced
01 March 2018 - (International Telecommunications Union)
ITU-T Study Group 15 accelerates work on 5G optical transport
28 February 2018 - (ECTA)
Competition must prevail in the quest for telecoms investment
28 February 2018 - (Netformx)
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Offers Netformx SalesXpert to Business Partners Accelerating Time to Quote
20 February 2018 - (International Telecommunications Union)
India's experience in passive network infrastructure sharing
19 February 2018 - (International Telecommunications Union)
Balancing infrastructure sharing – The Danish experience
08 February 2018 - (International Telecommunications Union)
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06 February 2018 - (Dynamic Spectrum Alliance)
Dynamic Spectrum Alliance welcomes the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago’s TV White Space Framework
02 February 2018 - (oneM2M)
oneM2M and IIC to accelerate IIoT adoption through joint workshop
31 January 2018 - (International Telecommunications Union)
8 ways AI can help save the planet
23 January 2018 - (TM Forum)
Open Digital Architecture
22 January 2018 - (International Telecommunications Union)
PDF icon Smart digital transformation - what’s next?
08 January 2018 - (ABOX42)
1&1 Launches Multiscreen IPTV Service in Germany With ABOX42 Smart Set-Top Box Platform
02 January 2018 - (International Telecommunications Union)
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13 December 2017 - (NAGRA)
NAGRA Enables a New TV Landscape at CES® 2018
28 November 2017 - (Netformx)
Annese, a ConvergeOne Company First to Experience Netformx DesignXpert on a Virtual Desktop in the Cloud
22 November 2017 - (Netrounds)
PDF icon Netrounds Releases New Research Paper on Service Assurance in the Context of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence – click here to download PDF
21 November 2017 - (Netformx)
Netformx DesignXpert Now Available on Amazon WorkSpaces as a Virtual Desktop in the Cloud
13 November 2017 - (Broadband Forum)
PDF icon XGS-PON interoperability advances after second Plugfest
08 November 2017 - (Homegrid Forum)
HomeGrid Forum welcomes Telebyte as its newest member
31 October 2017 - (Netrounds)
ViewQwest Taps Netrounds for Active Assurance of Ultra-Fast and Reliable Network Services
30 October 2017 - (International Telecommunications Union)
Creating the smart society: Social and economic development through ICT applications
11 October 2017 - (NAGRA Kudelski)
Kudelski Group agrees to a patent cross license and technology collaboration agreement with Roku
27 September 2017 - (Abox42)
PDF icon Comwave Selects ABOX42 Smart Set-Top Box Platform For Its Next Generation IPTV Service
25 September 2017 - (Iris Gateway Satellite Services)
PDF icon Iris partners with Eurovision Media Services to extend coverage to Makarios Teleport in Cyprus
02 August 2017 - (Netformx)
Netformx Wins Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award 2017
14 July 2017 - (International Telecommunications Union)
ITU publishes first Global ICT Regulatory Outlook
16 June 2017 - (Cyta)
Cyta Achieves Full Certification of its Makarios Teleport from the World Teleport Association (WTA)
20 April 2017 - (Dynamic Spectrum Alliance)
The DSA welcomes South Africa’s ICASA publishing draft TV White Space regulations as both prepareto jointly host the 2017 Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Global Summit in Cape Town in May
13 April 2017 - (Netformx)
Netformx Speeds Inclusion of Check Point Software Technologies into Multivendor IT Solution Designs and Proposals
27 March 2017 - (Saudi Smart Cities)
PDF iconUnder the patronage of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MOMRA), Dar Al Riyadh and Nispana jointly announce the first Saudi Smart Cities Conference 2017
17 January 2017 - (Dynamic Spectrum Alliance)
PDF icon"The Spectrum Revolution is the end of scarcity," says Dynamic Spectrum Alliance President
14 December 2016 - (HomeGrid Forum) Market Adoption Takes Further Strides as New Products are Certified at HomeGrid Forum’s China Plugfest
11 November 2016 - (International Telecommunications Union)
Kyrgyz Republic hosts regional preparatory meeting for ITU’s World Telecommunication Development Conference 2017
07 September 2016 - (aBox42)
ABOX42 announces Smart Home services for operators called ABOX42.IO
23 August 2016 - (Netformx)
PDF iconTMC names Netformx 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award Winner
04 August 2016 - (IBC 2016)
Lord Puttnam Joins Array of IBC2016 Keynote Speakers
28 July 2016 - (Broadband Forum)
Broadband Forum and ON.Lab collaborate on CORD
27 July 2016 - (Broadband Forum)
Deutsche Telekom calls on Broadband Forum members to “Collaborate on ‘true convergence’ of mobile and fixed networks to unlock full potential of 5G”
11 July 2016 - (International Telecommunications Union)
Broadband Commission calls on world leaders to harness development potential of ICTs to drive the SDGs
14 June 2016 - (Netformx)
Cisco and Netformx Webinar: Gain Actionable Network Visibility with Netformx Discovery
09 June 2016 - (Netformx)
PDF iconNetformx and BT Win Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award 2016
02 June 2016 - (Broadband Forum)
PDF iconWorld's leading companies shape the future of Broadband networks
01 June 2016 - (Netformx)
PDF iconNetformx Collection Engine for Remote Network Discoveries Eliminates Travel and Firewall Challenges
24 May 2016 - (Netformx)
PDF iconNetformx Speeds Inclusion of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Products into Multivendor Solution Designs and Proposals
19 May 2016 - (IBC)
PDF iconIBC Innovation Awards Shortlist Announced: IP, 4K and OTT amongst industry trends tackled by entrants
16 May 2016 - (Netformx)
PDF iconPete Eggimann, EMC veteran, joins Netformx as VP of Business Development and Alliances
11 May 2016 - (HomeGrid Forum)
PDF iconHomeGrid Forum showcases as most versatile in-home technology at this years CES Asia
11 May 2016 - (TM Forum)
PDF iconTM Forum Launches End-to-End Smart City Maturity & Benchmarking Model
26 April 2016 - (International Telecommunications Union)
PDF iconInternational Telecommunication Union to discuss deliverables for future digital financial services roadmap
11 April 2016 - (Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation)
PDF icon First 2016 Regulating ICTs workshop starts in London
11 April 2016 - (International Telecommunications Union)
PDF iconTop speakers from global ICT policy community to meet in Egypt to debate tomorrow’s tech opportunities and challenges
05 April 2016 - (International Telecommunications Union)
PDF iconUN Broadband Commission to government leaders: broadband can be your most powerful development catalyst
22 March 2016 - (aBox42)
PDF iconM-net selects ABOX42 Smart Set-Top Box platform for its recently launched M-net TVplus Multiscreen IPTV service
16 March 2016 - (Netformx)
PDF iconNetformx Offers All Cisco Partners Free ChannelXpert-View for Intelligent Insights that Increase Profitability
14 March 2016 - (International Telecommunications Union)
PDF iconUN Broadband Commission to government leaders: broadband can be your most powerful development catalyst
07 March 2016 - (International Telecommunications Union)
PDF iconITU Telecom World 2016 in Bangkok looks to digital economy and SMEs
21 January 2016 - (International Telecommunications Union)
PDF iconGlobal partners join forces at Davos to connect the unconnected by 2020. Estimated cost of connecting next 1.5 billion is USD 450 billion
13 January 2016 - (NATO)
PDF iconNATO Center of Excellence acquires MASA SWORD licenses for training and planning purposes
12 January 2016 - (aBox42)
PDF iconPerceptionTV Ltd integrates its IPTV platform into ABOX42’s M-Series set-top-box platform