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Welcome to our Tenth year as a project.

Ten years ago I had a meeting in Geneva with Prof. Struzack of ITU – R, looking at how we could develop a free educational information resource for the Telecommunications Service providers.

I would like to thank all the organisations we have worked with over this time too numerous to thank or forget. We look forward to the next ten years and the technological changes ahead.

In this issue we are looking at Cloud computing with the TM Forum and have a fantastic interview with Seth Nesbitt, from Parallels Inc, looking at what it will mean for the operators. We are also looking at the billing implications with TM Forum’s Tony Poulos.

As a matter of interest to our readers, military communications have made their way to Telemanagement World this year and the subject is covered in our sister publication Soldier Modernisation which can be viewed at

All up to date news, and if you need assistance on technical matters, can be found 24 hours a day at our site

As always any comments are welcome and always replied to. I wish everyone a successful year as the recovery starts.

Robert Alcock
Founder and Project Director
International Communications Project

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