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Welcome to the last issue of InterComms this decade.

As we move into the new decade it’s interesting to look back at the key initiatives and technological advances that have happened.

In many countries the advances in both wireline and mobile have been huge - broadband deployment, content services and mobile email to name but a few. The speed of services has also increased to levels only dreamed of in the year 2000, it will be interesting to look back in ten years time and see the advances from today.

We have key interviews with many organisations from the ITU to the TM Forum in this issue who have brought in a lot of key innovative products that overcomes strategic problems faced by you everyday.

We strive to make the project more rounded and you can keep up to date daily at, with news services from the ITU and BBC, ask questions on our online forum and view all previous projects.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Robert Alcock
Founder and Project Director
International Communications Project

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