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Welcome to the new issue of InterComms, we are looking at development, digital divide and data the 3 D’s.

Inclusion is a word that has been used for a while now, but with the new UN paper as a guideline there is a blue print about how we go forward; this was sent to us just before we went to press so is definitely worth a read. A link to the full version of this new report is listed in the journal and online at

We have some major articles from the ITU on where they are and "are we able to close the digital divide", with Dr Hamadoun I. Touré. We also have an interview with the President of Télécoms Sans Frontières, which tells the story of the organisation and telecoms on the frontline, what they are achieving is staggering.

Data is a topic which is causing ripples and several view points on what can be achieved, so we have tried to cover all sides of what is happening, what is real and what the future holds, the role of Cloud, in Data and Data Centres. We have views from the ITU , TM Forum, Cisco, Netformx and FNT.

We are now at over sixty events globally with our exclusive arrangements with our conference partners, and will be distributed in every continent and sub continent this issue, as well as our own distribution to over 190 countries. We always welcome views on the project, as we always look to improve our service to the industry. Please remember that you can ask us technical questions, view every project, and search for information on particular subjects all here on our our free web portal.

For all your comments please email me at:

I look forward to any questions as normal.

Robert Alcock
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