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In this issue we will be looking at the talking points in the industry at the moment: where are we taking IT and communications and how this can be a two way street between industry and the populations that we serve. Also, how the use of existing technologies with new user platform technologies are enabling us to collate information easier, in order to provide new services that proactively relay information to clients and citizens, that will allow for a real digitized smart framework.

At a recent conference I attended in London on Digital Ecosystem Management, the goal was to educate not just our industry, but cross industry, on the use of Smart Technology and the real opportunities of using the right digital platform to move forward. The stunning thing that I took from the conference was that most commerce is at the education stage where our industry was about five years ago, maybe more; it is important that the knowledge pool is used correctly to leverage the opportunities this slight head start has given us.

I would also like to draw your attention to a new area that we are working on with Carl Piva of the TM Forum, looking at Smart Technology and Smart Cities. Personally I feel there is a difference between Smart Tech and Smart Cities, in that Smart Tech, though used in Smart Cities to provide new, innovative services and to provide a better lifestyle for our metropolitan areas, is creating a whole new industry that will bring about unique services and products to ease personal life, giving us individual control to operate services at home or remotely.

We also have innovative articles on M2M and 5G: where it is and where it’s going. I would also like to thank the ITU, Broadband Forum and IPv6 Forum for their input.

As always, please send us your thoughts, good or bad, use our ereader downloads, video, news and all previous issues in library format to read or download.


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