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29 November 2023 | 10:51 am
Amazon latest tech giant to announce AI chatbot
The bot, called Q, can help firms answer customer queries, analyse data and help with coding.

29 November 2023 | 10:06 am
Molly Russell: Tech firms still failing after teenager's death, says father
Molly Russell's father says 'little has changed' six years after 14-year-old took her own life.

29 November 2023 | 9:44 am
London travel: Uber launches black cab sign-ups
The Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association says joining with Uber would be "sullying" the taxi trade.

29 November 2023 | 12:01 am
'Covid and criminals ruined my Airbnb for cars idea'
A UK entrepreneur explains why his idea to build a car-sharing network like Airbnb didn't work out.

28 November 2023 | 4:25 pm
Anger as some Google cloud customers locked out of files
Google is investigating reports that some users of its Drive service cannot access recent files.

28 November 2023 | 1:15 pm
Ransomware hackers 'wreaking havoc' arrested in Ukraine
Cyber police carry out raids to dismantle gang responsible for hacking hundreds of organisations.

28 November 2023 | 1:48 am
TikTok owner ByteDance cuts gaming division jobs
The Chinese firm entered the sector in 2019 to compete with Tencent but failed to grab market share.

28 November 2023 | 12:03 am
The T-shirt chewing enzyme ready to tackle plastic waste
A French start-up is ready to use an enzyme which can break down plastic on an industrial scale.

27 November 2023 | 9:35 pm
Elon Musk visits Israel after antisemitism row
The X boss, recently accused of antisemitism, discussed tackling hate with Israel's president.

27 November 2023 | 5:22 pm
Cyber-attack leaves home sales in limbo
Buyers say they have been left hanging as a company that provides IT to law firms sees its services hit.

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